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By: Sarah Lysaker on June 25th, 2015

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I Hate Marketing. That’s Why I Do It.

Inbound Marketing & Sales


My Inbound Conversion Story

Confession: It Was Me

I was the one who called you up around dinner time, butchered your name, and begged you to buy a product you didn’t want.

I was the one who read you a script with all the enthusiasm of an anemic robot.

I was the one who gave you a follow-up call a few days later to see if you had “thought about my offer.” From your hesitant reply, I could tell you secretly hoped I’d taken a vow of silence and moved to a remote island far away from telephones.

I was the one who continued to send you personalized sales letters, hoping you’d realize your life was incomplete without my product, whip out your checkbook, and buy in massive quantities.

I was a telemarketer.

Eventually, the 50% off promotions, 2-for-1 deals, peppy sales letters, and bright yellow stars emblazoned with “BUY TODAY!” became too much for me, so I ditched the headset and found other work.

With my telemarketing days safely behind me, I swore I’d never do marketing again.   

What Changed My Mind

The question was innocent enough. I asked an old college buddy of mine what he did for work.

“I write for a marketing agency,” he said. Pity filled my soul. I asked what sort of ads he wrote.

“Actually we don’t write ads. We create content that helps people.”

Then he stunned me with his description of inbound marketing. He said he wrote blogs, emails, and other digital content that tries to answer people’s questions and solve their problems. He never, ever sold to people. Instead, he helped them make informed choices.

I couldn’t believe he was talking about marketing. It didn’t sound like the pushy, intrusive sales tactics I was used to. It sounded like something positive – something that actually benefits people’s lives.

It also sounded like something I wanted to do. So I decided to turn my hatred for cheesy marketing ploys into a mission to create relevant, interesting content that people actually want to read.

Inbound marketing became more than my job – it became my calling. And I’m happy to explain why I love it to anyone who asks.

My Top 3 Favorite Things About Inbound

1 - Inbound gives people what they want.

When people are thinking about buying something, they don’t want ads and sales promises; they want information. And they want it online. In fact, 93 percent of buying cycles begin with searching online, which is why inbound marketing is a perfect fit for today’s consumer landscape.

2 - Inbound promotes great content.

As a writer, one thing I absolutely cannot stand is writing something useless. Bringing content into this world takes time and effort, so I want to be sure my brain cells are being expended for a good purpose. Great content is at the heart of inbound marketing, which means every piece of writing has to count.

3 - Inbound works.

If you don’t know the statistics about the success of inbound marketing techniques, read “All the Marketing Statistics You Need” and be amazed. Such massive results are completely revolutionizing the nature of marketing. As Brian Signorelli of HubSpot put it, five years from now “it won’t be called ‘Inbound Marketing’ … it’ll probably just be called ‘Marketing.’”

What do you love about inbound marketing? What’s your greatest success story? Share your inbound “aha!” moment in the comments below or join a chat at any time. You can also read Lindsey’s Content Marketing “Aha!” Moment for more inspiration.

Image by Cristina Bejarano via Flickr, licensed under CC BY

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