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104 Blog Post Ideas for Custom Home Builders

Creating content for your blog is challenging, sometimes downright overwhelming. But blogging is a crucial aspect of your digital marketing ecosystem.

To help you get cranking, we’ve created a list of 104 topics for your custom home builder blog. Not only that, we’ve mapped the topics to the buyer’s journey, from awareness to delight, to match the varying needs of visitors to your site. Mix up the topics to attract visitors in the various stages of your marketing and sales funnels (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU). Although content mapping is usually reserved for premium offers (tip sheets, ebooks, webinars, etc.), the process can also be applied to blogging. And yes, it can be argued that some of these topics can address buyer's pain points in multiple stages of the funnel; tweak as you see fit.

If you'd like to learn more about content mapping, here are some additional resources:

How to Map Content to the Buyer's Journey

104 Blog Post Ideas for Custom Home Builders

Why 104?

We recommend that you post at least twice a week to increase your blog’s lead generation potential. So here’s a full year’s worth of blog topics. Go forth and write.

Awareness Stage Blog Content: TOFU (Top of Funnel)

Buyers in the Awareness stage are looking for more information to educate themselves about the problem or opportunity they are experiencing. For instance, they know they need a new home, but may not know exactly what they're looking for, or the best ways to find a new home builder.

1. How to Find the Right Builder for Your New Home
2. What to Ask a Potential Custom Home Builder
3. Top Trends in Residential Construction Techniques
4. Hot Products Used in New Home Construction
5. Best Home & Garden Shows in [your area]
6. Do I Need a Lot Before Finding a Builder?
7. Checklist for First-time Home Buyers
8. How to Secure Funding for Your New Home
9. How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home?
10. What is IoT (Internet of Things) and How is it Changing the Modern Home?
11. What Makes a New Home More Efficient?
12. Size Matters: What Square Footage is Right For You
13. Warning Signs that You Picked the Wrong Builder
14. How Much Does a New Home Really Cost?
15. Do I Need to Have a Design in Mind Prior to Finding a Builder?
16. Top 5 Reasons for Working With a Custom Home Builder
17. New Home Construction Industry Report
18. How to Cut Costs in Your New Home
19. How Long Does a Home Last?
20. Where is the Best Place to Build a New Custom Home?
21. Signs You’re Ready to Build a New Home
22. What’s New in Custom Home Design
23. Top 10 Designs for Your New Custom Home
24. What Makes a Great Builder
25. Do I Need a Real Estate Agent? Or Can I Just Talk With a Builder?

Consideration Stage Blog Content: MOFU (Middle of Funnel)

In the Consideration stage, buyers understand their problem or opportunity and are searching for a solution provider. Buyers have a better understanding of what they want in the consideration stage and are researching solutions that may fit their needs. Maybe they are looking to downsize, lower their utilities, or build in a hurry. This is your chance to provide educational content regarding services you provide without the sales pitch.

26. Why Buying a New Home is Better than Fixing Up an Older Home
27. Stick-Built vs. Prefab: What's the Difference?
28. Are Insurance Rates Higher for a New Home?
29. What to Consider Building Into Your New Home, Even if You Don't Have the Money to Complete the System
30. What are the Best New Home Features for [location]
31. Custom Home Building Options: From SIPs to Logs, What’s New
32. How to Ensure a Timeless Design
33. Form or Function? What’s More Important in New Home Construction
34. 10 Reasons Building a New Home Provides More Value
35. Why New Homes are More Efficient
36. Do I Receive any Tax Credits for Building a Net-Zero Home?
37. Reasons to Connect Your Solar Energy System to the Grid
38. Reasons to Live in a Smaller Home?
39. What is the Difference in Cost of Going Prefab vs. Stick-Built
40. Pros and Cons of Buying a Lot Prior to Working With a Builder
41. Top Reasons to Use a Prefab Solution
42. Have a Small Lot? Here are Some Great Designs
43. New Innovations in Storm Resistant Homes
44. How to Blend Your New Home into the Surrounding Environment
45. Are Certifications Worth the Costs?
46. How Open Floor Plans Affect Energy Efficiency
47. How We Incorporate Your Design Features
48. Limitations for Prefab Custom Homes
49. Why Quality Products Last Longer in Your New Home
50. How to Lower Costs By Reducing Construction Waste

Decision Stage Blog Content: BOFU (Bottom of Funnel)

Buyers in the Decision stage are ready to make a decision or purchase. They know what they want and they believe you can provide it. Sometimes they just need a little push.

51. Our History - Why We Do What We Do
52. How We Ensure Quality While Building Your Home
53. Our Process - What to Expect Before, During & After Your Build
54. Case Study - [Check out this cool project!]
55. Testimonial Feature - [We build homes for real people!]
56. Why We Belong to These Associations, or Don't
57. We're in the News Again - [See Why]
58. Introducing [employee] - [They Rock at Designing Your Home]
59. How We Price a Project
60. Additional Services We Offer - Other Than Building You a Great Home
61. How We're Different from the Competition
62. Traits of Our Ideal Customers: Are You a Right Fit?
63. Custom Builds We Won't Do
64. How We Minimize Construction Waste During a Project
65. Hear Us Discuss [topic] at [local event]
66. Our Take on Current Housing Regulations
67. Our Guarantee to You
68. Innovative Techniques in Construction We’re Learning
69. We've Just Hit a Milestone: [number] Homes and Counting
70. How We’ve Changed as Home Builders
71. Home Builder Traits We'll Never Lose
72. Why a Project Went Wrong, and How We Fixed It
73. Certifications We’re Proud to Achieve
74. We're Honored to Receive this Award
75. Get to Know [employee] - They're a Big Part of What We Do

Delight Stage: Keep Customers Happy (Return Business & Advocacy)

Individuals in the Delight stage are your customers. Your relationship doesn’t end after the project is done. Keep them coming back to you for more information, retain them as potential repeat customers, and encourage them to become advocates for your brand.

76. 10 Tips for Maintaining Your New Home
77. Things Have Changed: How do I Remodel My Prefab Custom Home?
78. Tips for Selling Your Custom-Built Home
79. Best Ways to Landscape Around Your New Home
80. How to Maximize Space in Your New Home
81. What are the Most Efficient Appliances for My New Home
82. Do I Need an Interior Designer?
83. How to Set Up a Security System for Your New Custom Home
84. Top Ways to Settle Into Your New Custom Home
85. 10 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient
86. 5 Ways to Conquer Buyer’s Remorse in Your New Home
87. Matching Outbuildings to Your New Home
88. I’m Ready to Hook Up My Pre-Existing Systems, What’s the Process?
89. Love Your New Home? Connect With Us on Social & Spread the Love
90. We Dig Referral Business: Here’s How You Can Provide a Testimonial
91. Come Say “Hi” and See What’s New at [event name]
92. Looking at Some Upgrades? Here are Some Vendors We Trust!
93. Best Process for Building Your Second Home
94. Ways to Finance a Cabin or Lake Home
95. How to Automate Your IoT System
96. Yearly Maintenance Tips for Your New Home
97. How to Keep Your New Home Looking Great
98. New Arrival on the Way? Tips for Babyproofing Your Home
99. 5 Safety Items You Need to Have in Your Home
100. More Energy Saving Tips Once You’re All Moved In

Bonus Blog Topics: Drive Traffic Using Social Networks

The following posts are great drivers of traffic to your blog because they leverage the networks of influencers in your industry. The idea is to highlight movers and shakers in the home builder community, which establishes trust with your readership and encourages the businesses you feature to share your post on their social networks. The trick is to keep the light off direct competitors in your area or within your specialty.

101. Top 10 Trendsetters in Home Building
102. Best Custom Home Designers
103. Best Social Media Channels by Builders
104. Architects that are Pushing Custom Home Building Boundaries

There you have it, folks. A year's worth of blog topics. Remember, you don’t have to write each post. Consider designing infographics, creating videos, curating a list, and using the talents of your team to take on some of the writing load. Interviewing your employees is also a great way to gain subject matter and to add authority to your posts.

If these ideas have you excited about blogging and content marketing, but you need some help getting buy-in from the rest of your team, check out our free eBook: How to Pitch Content Marketing to Your Boss.

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