4 Tips for Better B2B Video Marketing

By Annika Greenberg | August 08, 2017

For the last decade, B2C companies have been all about #trending. The need to connect with the modern consumer has driven a change in how advertising and marketing use video.

It’s one of the many effects of the shift from sales-centric to customer-centric marketing. But what about B2B? Edgy and new video techniques shouldn’t be reserved for B2C! Here are our top four tips and some examples on video marketing for B2B companies.

1: Don’t be afraid of humor

Nothing sells like quality content and if you’re looking for shares and better engagement, comedy is a great way to stand out. It’s a misconception that professionalism and comedy do not mix. The worst thing your content can be is bland, and humor is a great way to get out of the generic video slump. Think about what your product is/does and what spin would work well while still being informative.

Here's an example by Dissolve – they poke fun at themselves and their customers in a playful way.

2: Make things personal and tell a story

People like to interact with people, not companies. By humanizing your brand, you have a better chance at making genuine connections with potential customers. This is the same reason company culture posts generate so much engagement. Don’t get lost within your company or product. You are the people that make it happen, so sell that!

Remind your customers that at the end of the day all of our office systems, programs, and applications are still made by humans, for humans. Don't be the company that makes it difficult to identify the people behind the brand. Transparency is valued highly in seeking business.

Here's an example for Slack, made by Sandwich Video. They use a relatable team of office professionals that are just like you. The resulting video tells a story about how the product gets used on a daily basis.

3: Be clear about what you do and what your purpose is

No one wants to see another video full of meaningless buzzwords. Overcomplicating things leaves your viewers confused and discouraged. Don’t give them information overload, tell them who you are and what you do without muddying the waters. You may be excited about the seventh main point in your presentation but other people usually aren’t. Don’t make people pick which parts to listen to; this leads to less than impressed and often confused customers. Relax your customer by avoiding a ten step flow chart explanation. They can always learn more later.

This example by Hootsuite uses a metaphor to clearly explain what it is they do. Just like Game of Thrones, running five different social media accounts can be confusing, so they use a well known visual to show how they bring it all together for you.

4: Stay brief and focused

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter these days. The fact is, no one wants to watch your six minute video about the 15 things your company does, no matter how good you think it is. You want to be a contribution to your customer’s media intake, not a disruption, and the longer your video is, the more it feels like the latter. Focus on one message you want to get across and then make a video about it without fluff. The longer the video is, the less people will watch to completion. It doesn’t matter how great you think the video is if people don’t watch it. Sacrifice with some cuts so that people don’t turn it off!

This Zendesk commercial is a great example of being brief while still being informative and funny! This proves you don't have to have a five minute script to pack a punch.

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