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Holiday Video Strategy

The following is a behind-the-scenes look of what actually goes into planning a holiday video message, from your inbound marketing and sales friends at Denamico!


Sometimes, the message should remain simple.

Happy Holidays, all!


Video Specialist: Sorry I'm late guys.

SEM & Social Media Specialist: You're cool.

Senior Strategy Manager: Okay, everybody. Today we're going to be talking about capacity planning and strategy for the holiday video. Does anyone have any ideas?

CEO: Can we step back and talk about the budget for this project?

President: I'd like to cover our lead generation goals.

Content Strategist: What about an audience? Do we even have a script? How's it going to fit into our editorial calendar?

Marketing Automation Manager: Have we thought about how we're going to get this out to people? Am I going to need to build a workflow?

Video Specialist: So we gotta think about lighting and location, too.

SEM & Social Media Specialist: Guys, guys, guys, guys... can't we just say Happy Holidays.


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