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Creating video for your business can seem downright overwhelming. To help you get started, here are a few best practices from our video marketing series.

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As with any form of content, it's best to start the process by defining your goals for the project.

If you're looking to create brand awareness, the resulting video will be very different from a video for a specific landing page.

It's also helpful to define your audience for a project. Any pre-production planning and scripting will be contingent on the audience.

Speaking of pre-production, make sure you have all the pieces in place to create a seamless experience the day of a shoot.

Scout out the location, secure equipment, and prepare a list of shots.

Because there are different ways to host a video on your website, it's best to consider this before you begin shooting. Popular platforms like Wistia allow you to track important metrics to measure the ROI of your videos, closing the loop on sales and marketing.

And we'll end with video length. We recommend that you match the length of a video to the type of content being created. That being said, keep your message succinct.

For videos on your website, keep things under 2 minutes for maximum impact. Videos with very specific goals, such as landing page videos are best conveyed in 45 seconds or less.

Let's recap a few of the best practices.

To create successful video for your website:

  • set goals for each project,
  • define your audience,
  • focus on pre-production before you ever hit the record button,
  • identify how you will measure results,
  • and vary the length of your videos depending on the message, but keep things tight.

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