The Utterly Cool Lexicon of Denamico

By Jen Cameron | June 21, 2018

As our team has grown and we’ve sharpened our focus on creating a culture of happiness and fulfillment, we’ve discovered a fun quirk of being employed by Denamico.

Our company name lends itself to many melodic iterations of, “Denami-terms.” From cruising down the, “Denami-Bahn,” to planning next year’s “Denami-thanks,” the possibilities are endless, and we have loads of Denami-fun making them up.

How Did We Get the Name Denamico?

We should start with the basics: The first question on everyone’s mind is always “how do you even pronounce Denamico?” We have a well-known restaurant group here called D’Amico (pronounced Dah-ME-ko), and I think that skews our local perspective slightly.

The real scoop is that our founders, Brendon & Kristin, lived a formerly glamorous life in Mallorca, Spain (pre-Denami-children obviously).

The Spanish word “Dinamico” means dynamic, and no one would argue that the Inbound Methodology of marketing is a dynamic one. Our inbound world is an energetic, progressive, agile one. Just like our two founders; lively, driven & dynamic. Denamico then, is a play on words, using their last name (Dennewill) paired with the Spanish term for Dynamic, creating a unique and deliberate company name: Denamico (deh-NAM-ik-o)

Get to Know Our Denami-glossary

Here at Denamico, we love a good play on words, and our vernacular is vast. Webster-Merriam defines vernacular as, “the terminology used by people belonging to a specified group or engaging in a specialized activity.” Below, is a glossary of commonly used terms and definitions used at Denamico. Once you’re a part of our Denami-family, these terms will slip in and out of your vernacular like it’s your native language.


(noun) deh’NAM-ə-ko;

A Digital Growth Agency, employing 14 genius marketers with exceptional talents in helping businesses adapt to the new, more savvy consumer.




(noun) deh’NAM-ə-kan

Any current or past employee of Denamico.




(noun) deh’NAM-ə-tərm

The vernacular terminology often used by Denamicans.


(noun) deh’NAM-ə-fam

Any employee, client, friend, associate, partner, sponsor...anyone who drinks our La Croix is welcomed into our Denami-family.




(noun) DehˈNAM-ə-ɡram

A note or gift which expresses gratitude or appreciation. Often banana-shaped, or in the form of a trophy.


(adjective) dehˈNAM-ə-riCH

Something interesting, due to diversity or complexity. Typically used with a fair amount of snark.




(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-driNGks

Any liquid that can be swallowed and consumed for refreshment or nourishment while in the company of one’s fellow Denamicans.

OR- The time of day that drinks are served after work, otherwise referred to as, happy hour.


(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-fən

Any behavior, enjoyment, amusement, or pleasurable activity performed on site, or in the company of Denami-friends.


(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-thangks

A day set apart for the giving of thanks in appreciation of assistance from members of the Denami-tribe and celebration of, a bountiful Inbound harvest. Typically celebrated the 4th Tuesday in November.


(adjective) dehˈNAM-ə-fab

Slang for Denami-fabulous. Anything that keeps it super weird and is exceptionally good or unusual; incredible, marvelous, superb.


(verb) dehˈNAM-ə-dahy-it

A proverbial “four-letter-word” that often leads to frustration, disappointment, and failure.


(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-snak

The foods regularly consumed between meals at the office. Staples include high-quality coffee, rap snacks, and anything that can be dipped in ranch dressing. 




(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-bēdəs

The, “Wilford Brimley,” pronunciation of the #1 disease affecting employees after the consumption of too many Denami-snacks. The cure: 2 weeks on a Denami-diet.



(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-mäm

Safety monitor, IT Specialist, provider of the pizza, and bringer of the fun. Not every office has one, but every office needs one. Here’s ours.



(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-flôs

The hottest dance to hit the disco since Stayin’ Alive.

NOT a soft thread of hair used to clean between the teeth.


(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-bahn

The limit free speeds of the super-highway on which information travels in the Denamico office. Have slow internet? Visit us for a day and work in our spacious and comfortable living room. The speed limit is, as posted, “Reasonable and Prudent.” 




(noun) dehˈNAM-ə-cray

That feeling you get when someone skips your jam on the office Spotify list.



Adding Our Lexicon to Your Vocabulary

The culture of Denamico is undoubtedly a fun, vivacious, and spirited one. From the moment you walk through the doors our Denami-mom greets you with the utmost kindness and every kind of delicious Denami-drink you could think of, so, stop by, get to know our utterly cool lexicon, and you'll begin saying some of our Denami-glossary, yourself! 

Let us know which Denami-word is your favorite!


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