Employee Spotlight: Erin Burke, Digital Content Writer [video]

By Alise Riedel | July 31, 2018

Although her heart may be in Duluth, Minnesota, our newest digital content writer, Erin Burke, is with us in Minneapolis creating killer content for Denamico and all of our clients.

When she’s not writing the latest blog post or cranking out a case study, Erin can be found enjoying a cocktail at the newest Minneapolis bar, brushing up on art history, snapping pictures for her Instagram, or hanging out with her cat, Lucky.

Learn more about Erin and Denamico in the video below:


How would you describe your role?

My role at Denamico is a Digital Content Writer. So, that means, I get to write copy for clients and our company. Most of the time clients don’t have the time to write because they’re focusing on other aspects of their business, that’s where I come in and help them produce compelling content for their site. I also have a background in Search Engine Optimization or SEO (for short), so I help optimize content for clients to improve their SEO.

What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

My favorite thing about my role is that I love the aspect of creatively writing for clients. I quite enjoy learning and researching new things, so being able to contextualize what i’m reading and then conceptualizing it into new content is something that I enjoy.

Before working at Denamico, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

So, it’s kind of cool, but my most unusual job I’ve had was working at Glensheen - The Historic Congdon Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota. Glensheen is this gorgeous historic home right on Lake Superior and I loved learning about the Congdon family, the history, and the house itself. I played a handful of roles while working there, one being a tour guide. Which means I was like Vanna White but on a way different scale. Instead of revealing letters, I was like, “check out this awesome piece of art?!” I was also an Art History Intern and an Art Director Intern. Once you work there, you kinda become this nerd about all things historical - it’s seriously, fascinating! It’s a great place to visit if you haven’t already. I’m sure I can whip out my, “tour guide voice,” and tell you all about it!

How did you first learn about Denamico?

So, I first learned about Denamico from Alise Riedel who is an Inbound Marketing Consultant here. From Alise, I knew that Denamico was potentially looking to expand within their content team, so I sent my CV to Kristin, and the rest is history! Shoutout to Al, #blessed

Favorite travel spot?

My favorite spot to travel to, hands down, is Duluth, Minnesota. I fell in love with the city while attending UMD. It’s got this small town feel without really being a small town. It’s cute and historical while also being super outdoorsy from the Lake to the North Shore. I don’t know if it’s the Blackwater Martini Bar I would go to all the time or that summertime is warm and beautiful along the shoreline or if it’s wintertime because it seems like it may never end, but there is something about Duluth that will forever have my heart.

If you could only drink one beer for the rest of your life, what would it be?

One beer? I don’t drink beer much, I’m more of a vodka soda kind of girl, but if I had to choose it would be Apricot Wheat from Fitger’s Brewery.

Motto or personal mantra?

My favorite motto is from Kate Spade it’s, “pretty and witty make the perfect pair,” I think it sums me up pretty well.

People would be surprised if they knew:

Well, it’s shocking to many, but I studied botany for four years, while also going for a forensic anthropology degree, yes, that’s all about death and skeletons, but I took one art history course and made the switch!

Tell us a little about yourself

Well, I grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and it’s a southwest suburb of the Twin Cities. If you haven’t picked up, I received my BA at UMD for Art History, with a minor in Anthropology. My senior thesis was about entrepreneurship of Renaissance noblewoman, and I also got to dive into Italian Renaissance fashion so, I was jazzed to say the least. If you can’t tell by now, I literally know a lot about a lot of different fields. Knowledge is key, my friend! What else… I have a cat that I adopted seven years ago named, Lucky. I love art, design, fashion, makeup, and writing. I’m all about creativity, and I collect coffee table books for fun! My favorite coffee table book is Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans. It’s literally an anatomy book with a black background and all the images are made with gold foil. It’s probably the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. 


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