By Erin Burke | July 30, 2018

How We Snagged an Aspiring Astronaut as Our Marketing Automation Specialist

Our life at Denamico has been filled with more fun facts these days. Tuesday Trivia Queen, Rachel Butzler, joined our team at the end of May. She’s been bringing lots of creativity and smart Marketing Automation skills to round out our team.

How did we snag a squirrel loving, aspiring astronaut as our Marketing Automation Specialist?

Learn more about Rachel and Denamico in the video below:


Shooting for the Stars and Ending up as a Denamican

“I definitely thought I was going to be an astronaut [when I grew up],” says Rachel Butzler, our new Marketing Automation Specialist, “I belonged to an astronomy club, and I loved the idea of going into space.”

So how did she end up in an earth-bound career? In part, she says, it’s because, “space is VERY FAR AWAY, and [she likes] Minnesota too much to leave!”

Here are seven reasons on what drew Rachel to Denamico, how she dazzled us with her marketing automation skills, and how she embraces creativity in and out of the office.

A Good Feeling the Moment She Walked through the Door

Rachel had a great feeling from the moment she walked through Denamico’s doors. Her go-getter attitude, upbeat personality, and fast-paced work ethic helped her score more than just a sweet new gig. Let’s learn more about those, “good feelings,” below!

1. What drew you to Denamico originally?

When I walked in for my interview, I was impressed that the leadership team was working right beside the boots-on-the-ground team. It assured me that the leadership was invested in their team’s success and in touch with the daily workings of the company.

2. What do you like most about Denamico?

The team is very collaborative and open. Everyone is willing to pitch in, answer questions, and help each other.

3. What aspects of your role do you enjoy the most?

I love tackling every project like it is a puzzle to be solved. Whether I am tracking down the sources of your website traffic or building a workflow to engage potential customers, I enjoy looking at the problem from different angles and finding the best solution to fit the objective.

The Most Interesting Girl in the World

Rachel's in the midst of planning her wedding while also juggling a new job at Denamico, but our new team member has had some help with event planning and multitasking!

4. Before working at Denamico, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I worked in the Special Events Office for all four years of college, which was a new adventure every day. From assembling fancy invitations to serving as “quality control” for misshapen M&Ms in our party favors to donning the mascot costume for ribbon-cutting ceremonies, there was never a boring day!

A Shocking Fact Rachel Discovered Recently …

At Denamico, we’re always learning. So is Rachel, making her a great addition to the Denamico team. Rachel’s willingness to laugh and her natural curiosity make her a great fit here. How so? She just recently figured out a life-changing fact.

5. What is the most important thing you have learned in the last five years?

It took me an embarrassingly long time to connect the dots and realize that Warren Buffett and Jimmy Buffett are NOT the same people. I was convinced that Mr. Buffett was enjoying his fortune in Margaritaville...

How Rachel Dazzled the Office with Spectacular Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Recently, Rachel shared a bit of her culinary creativity with the office, bringing in a strawberry rhubarb pie to share. We like to support our teammates in their creative endeavors, and so the pie was devoured quickly.

6. What are two of Rachel’s hobbies? Cooking and baking.

I like both cooking and baking, but they are very different. Cooking is definitely an art, and I like going off-recipe and playing with new ingredients. I especially enjoy going to the farmer’s market, finding a vegetable that I don’t recognize, and figuring out how to use it. Baking is more of a science, so I follow the recipe--except when I’m making up a new pie recipe of my own!

Another Globetrotter Joins the Denami-Family

At Denamico, we’re a very global group. We all love to travel, and Rachel fits right in with our earth-bound team, as she is the latest international adventurer to join the family!

7. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why?

I took a trip to Ireland and fell in love with the green hills, fluffy sheep, and ancient castles. I spent a full week traveling around the countryside, staying at little bed-and-breakfasts along the way. No leprechaun sightings, but I felt very lucky to be there!

Nuttin’ to Hide

At Denamico, we feel pretty lucky to have snagged Rachel as our Marketing Automation Specialist, and we hope she feels the same way about us! We can’t forget Rachel’s affinity for those cute, albeit pesky, nut-stealing squirrels.

She loves how resourceful and curious squirrels are, and they’re not afraid to take risks if there's a possibility for a reward! We’re excited to share Rachel’s talents with our clients, to make marketing automation magic happen, and to have a lot of squirrely fun in the process!


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