Everybody Loves Lucy: Artificial Intelligence Edition

By Anne Daly | May 04, 2018

How will artificial intelligence change the way marketing is done?

It’s a question that every marketer needs to be asking today.

Scott Litman

When marketing entrepreneur and AI expert Scott Litman asked himself this question, he came up with one answer.

Meet Lucy.

Who is she? Or rather, what is she?

According to the Equals 3 website, Lucy is a “cognitive companion for the marketing professional.”

Built on IBM Watson, Lucy is designed to do research that helps you better understand and connect with your customers.

What makes Lucy different? The capacity to process incredibly detailed information, at a lightning fast speed. Here’s the skinny.

Detailed Information, Processed Lighting Fast

Like common CRMs available today, Lucy provides detailed information about your target audience - their name, their address, when they last visited your website.

One big difference? Lucy also includes personality type information. Where does Lucy get her raw personality type data? Sources include messages your contacts have sent you (including emails, reviews they’ve posted on your website, and surveys they’ve filled out), as well as any social content they’ve made public.

Lucy can give you a broad overview of a certain demographic’s personality trends, or drill down to give you information on an individual.

Other demographic information may be important in informing you about someone’s buying habits, potential purchasing power, and likely pain points. But this information doesn’t tell you much about how they like to interact with others, or what types of marketing work for them.

Lucy addresses this blind spot.

Where Lucy Helps You

One of the biggest ways that Lucy provides ROI? Solving big data problems, and doing repetitive tasks quickly.

“AI is the tool for automation,” Litman says. If you spend a lot of time pulling data from recurring monthly or quarterly reports, he says, “Teach Lucy to do that!”

Wondering if Lucy can read the type of data you need? Chances are, she can. From spreadsheets to graph to complex reports, Lucy is trained to read almost every type of data you feed her. Want to leverage data from sources outside your organization like Nielsen or Quantar? Simply subscribe Lucy, and she’ll process this data too.

Who Loves Lucy?

Lucy is designed for Fortune 1000 companies and agencies serving the Fortune 1000. She’s right for you, says Litman, if you have a lot of complex data to process, and need to free up human capital for higher-value tasks.

Remember, You’re Still Part of the Equation

You plus Lucy may equal three. But “Lucy isn’t a silver bullet,” Litman cautions, and it’s important to remember that “AI isn’t sentient at this point.”

So, what should people expect from AI?

AI allows you to “do more in less time, and be more successful,” Litman says. “Lucy,” he notes proudly, “is part of that.”

Sharing the Story of Lucy at DenamiCON

You can’t meet Lucy. After all, she’s not structured like Siri or Alexa.

Want to learn more about Lucy? Or learn more about AI and how you can use it to stay competitive in a rapidly changing world?

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You’ll learn about the present and future potential of artificial intelligence, and discover AI-powered technologies that can drive marketing performance. Attendees will walk away with valuable, implementable takeaways to transform their online presence and the way they're connecting with prospects online.

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