How to Create Blog Content Your Audience Will LOVE [Quick Video]

Denamico March 31, 2015



The following video is the third of six snippets from a presentation we did on Business Blogging. In it, Donna explains how to create content your target audience will not only read but love.

To summarize, she suggests starting with a few key questions:

  • What are the client/customer's key questions and needs?
  • How can your team generate content that addresses those questions and needs?

Pro-tip: Get your marketing and sales teams (customer service if you have them too) together in one room to discuss the questions and concerns they hear from prospects and customers. It's a great way to generate content ideas while creating team alignment around the true needs of customers. Read more about setting up this meeting here.

Other thought-starters:

  • Interviews - Are there influencers or thought leaders you can interview on key topics?
  • Success stories - Is there a customer who would be willing to talk about the value your product or service provided?
  • Informational posts - Your chance to answer questions you hear from clients or react to timely news
  • Special events and upcoming holidays - Is there a creative way you can piggy back on events that are already top-of-mind for your target audience?

Your goal should be to create content so amazing that customers notice if it's ever absent.

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Image by Susana Fernandez via flickr, licensed under CC by ND 2.0