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Should you hire or contract your marketing department? [infographic]

Donna Arriaga June 5, 2014

Determining whether to build your marketing department internally or to contract out your marketing is no easy decision. Each business has its own unique situation – number of employees, technology expertise, available budget, growth rate, and so much more! Each of these factors plays an important role in the in-house vs outsource decision.

To further complicate matters, there are no hard and fast rules for deciding whether to hire or contract your marketing department. And sometimes, the right marketing mix requires a hybird in-house/outsource model rather than an either-or scenario. Even so, there are still some general questions that can help inform the process. And thanks to the folks at MavenLink, many of these key questions are summed up in a handy infographic.

Take a look at the flowchart below and tell us what you think.

Do these questions resonate with your business? Which decision points are most important to you?


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