Soapbox vs ViewedIt: Which Extension is Best at Screen Capture and Webcam Video?

By Annika Greenberg | July 11, 2017

Browser extensions such as Soapbox and ViewedIt were created to help engage viewers by using a mixture of screencap and webcam video to spice up communications and make more sense out of explainer videos and presentations. But which free extension is better for you?

Both are innovative apps, but they serve different purposes:

Soapbox is designed for maximum customization with options for playback, editing, and even color branding, and would be best for B2B communications. Soapbox was created by the video hosting platform Wistia.

Here's what Soapbox looks like while you're making a video.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.42.25 PM-3.png

Here's what Wistia has to say about Soapbox.

ViewedIt, on the other hand, is designed for ease of use. It focuses more on video view notifications and shareability rather than deluxe options, making it possibly more applicable for B2C videos because of view tracking capabilities. ViewedIt was created by the video hosting platform Vidyard.

Here's what ViewedIt looks like while you're making a video.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.42.47 PM-1.png

Here's what Vidyard has to say about ViewedIt.

Soapbox vs ViewedIt: Features

Both applications share:

  • Video presentations featuring camera, voice, and screen capture recording
  • Easy sharing
  • Free software

Different Features:

Soapbox Features

ViewedIt Features

Quick social media sharing link

Quick social media sharing buttons

Customizable playback options

Shows your face while recording

Video editing possible after sharing

Viewing Notifications system

Custom thumbnail

Custom button for easy access in gmail

Trim beginnings and endings


Offer embeds and CTAs in video


Ability to switch between only screen, only camera, or both, at different times in the video


High quality video playback


Is Soapbox or ViewedIt right for you?

You might want to use Viewedit if:

  • Easy sharing features like buttons for social media and email sharing are important to you
  • You don't need high video quality
  • It's important to be notified once someone has viewed your video

You might want to use Soapbox if:

  • Choosing a custom thumbnail is important
  • Having a custom video playback color is important
  • You need high quality video
  • You want to trim the beginning or end, choose what is shown at different times in the video (screen, camera, or both) or edit after sharing as well

Overall, Soapbox takes the lead with slickly designed software and options for making the exact video you want. If tracking views is important enough for you to sacrifice quality and customization, ViewedIt might work for you. It could be helpful to know when your video is being watched and when it isn't. The good news is, both applications are completely free!

Uses for Quick Video Communication

  • Responding to customer service requests
  • Communicating with clients and customers
  • Sales conversations
  • Internal communication
  • Personalized welcome videos for new team members or customers
  • Showing rather than telling using email
  • Quick, one-off presentations
  • Recapping meeting notes or presenting goals and agendas for meetings

Video communication has come a long way since the original webcam. These days, browser extensions like Soapbox and ViewedIt make it easy to utilize the medium on a daily basis. See what you can do with video in your marketing and communications.

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