Three Reasons Why I'm Excited to be HubSpot Inbound Certified

By Anne Daly | September 14, 2017

I just started a pretty cool new job as a Content Writer for Denamico. I get to write great copy for blog posts, newsletters, eBooks, video scripts, and more to drive client success.

The professional development side of my job is pretty awesome, too. Denamico is a HubSpot partner agency, which means I get to learn from some top marketers as I transition into this role. After joining Denamico, one of my first tasks was to complete Hubspot Inbound Certification. Here are the top three reasons I’m excited to have earned my badge.

1. I’m a more effective marketer.

I’m a writer at heart. Inbound helps me apply my writing skills to marketing.

Does my copy use keywords? Is it tailored for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Am I using industry-proven best practices for the different types of content I create?

Answering these questions helps me choose between different strategies, and inspires me when I reach roadblocks. Following the inbound methodology is starting to feel intuitive to me. And instead of making wild guesses, I’m following best practices that have achieved proven, measurable results.

2. I’m more in tune with what my sales team needs from me.

At Hubspot, they call marketing-sales alignment “smarketing.” At first, I was tempted to smirk at this cutesy phrase, but now I embrace it. Smarketing really is the best of both worlds. After all, we’re on the same team – we both want to turn leads into customers and brand promoters. Smarketing reminds me to ask questions to keep my work aligned with our lead generation goals. How many Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) does my sales team need from me this month? This week? How many of those should be Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)?

Smarketing also means practicing closed-loop reporting. What kind of content is working this month? What isn’t? Since we communicate about what’s working and what isn’t, it’s easier to recalibrate and adjust my approach. This means I don’t waste my time on low-ROI copy, and my sales team gets better-qualified leads. It’s a win for everyone.

3. I know what everyone’s talking about. And now, I’m as excited about Inbound as they are.

Inbound marketing has been a buzzword for a while. On a gut level, the inbound methodology already made sense to me – focusing on the buyer’s needs and building content from there seemed like a better approach than beating every door within a five mile radius with a canned pitch. But now, I know the science of why it works, and tried-and-true best practices to measure my work against.

So, was the Hubspot Inbound class worth it? In a word, yes. After completing my certification, I am a better, more thoughtful marketer. I’m crafting content that is aligned with my team’s purpose, as well as sales and organizational goals. And rather than making wild guesses about content, I’m making educated decisions based on real data about best practices in my industry.

At the end of the day, inbound helps me ensure that what I do matters, and makes a difference.

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