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The Business Case and Guide for Using HubSpot to Measure, Automate, & Report on Customer Loyalty - Part One: Customer Loyalty - What is it & Why it Matters

Posted on December 17, 2018 by Emily Hulstein | Inbound Marketing & Sales, Strategy

Customer experience drives customer success meaning happy customers will stick around. With 95% of businesses focusing on customer experience in 2019, get to know what customer loyalty is, how it's important, and ways you can incorporate it into your business strategy.

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How to Build a Referral Plan for Better Fit Customers

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Erin Burke | Strategy

Companies are capitalizing on delighting customers by using incentives to drive customer reviews and referrals. So how can you do the same? We’ll discuss why companies should invest in referral programs, what makes up these plans, and the steps that are needed to create one for your business.

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How to Season-Proof Your Business

Posted on September 21, 2018 by Erin Burke | Strategy

As the seasons change, do you understand the impact it has on your business? Season proofing your business means you can stay afloat in the tough months while gearing up for the busy season ahead.

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Marcus Sheridan Stopped By Our Office – Here's Some Key Takeaways

Your website is either answering your prospects questions or turning them away. Marcus Sheridan shared how to resolve their concerns online.

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Dog Days of Marketing? 5 Symptoms of Marketing Stagnation

Is your marketing contributing to the bottomline? Check out five symptoms that your marketing has gotten stuck.

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