What is a Responsive Website?

By Jonathan Pavoni | January 06, 2016


A responsive website is a site that reacts to the device that it is being viewed on. Meaning, if you are viewing a website on a desktop computer, your viewing experience will be optimized for that device. The same will be true if you’re viewing that website on a tablet or mobile phone.

Responsive websites are critical for three main reasons:

1. Mobile viewing trends

More and more visitors are accessing web content via mobile devices. And, 27% of consumers will leave a site if it is not mobile-optimized. So optimizing their experience becomes increasingly important.

2. User experience

Responsive websites eliminate the need for the 'pinching' and 'tapping' associated with navigating nonresponsive sites. Viewing a nonresponsive site on a mobile device is a true pain point for today's savvy consumers and business owners.

3. Google's algorithm

Google gives precedence to responsive websites in search results. Having a responsive website that is optimized for all devices ensures that you are maximizing your rankings.

Responsive websites are a tool to reach users of mobile devices. As an increasing number of cell phone and tablet users browse the internet on their devices, you need a business website that is optimized to provide the best user experience across various platforms. A responsive website will decrease the chances of lost leads and sales due to poor user experience on mobile devices.

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