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As we approach the second day of INBOUND, our Denamico team reflected back on some of our personal successes and failures of the first day, especially for me, being a newbie to HubSpot and Inbound! We’ve compiled a last minute #INBOUND15 emergency kit to not only make it through the next two days, but to fully enjoy it!


If you weren’t like other INBOUND attendees in getting the Tieks ballet flat, you may find yourself breaking in new shoes this week. If your feet are finding themselves aching from the walking, standing in long speaker lines, or networking with new friends, we highly recommend picking up a pack of Band-Aids and prepping your feet for all the INBOUND fun. Bonus points if they have a fun character and/or design on them!

Where you can get it: Your Hotel, 7-Eleven, or CVS.

Power Strips/Surge Protectors

This was an excellent tip by my colleague, Lindsey. I brought a power strip along with my bag to sessions yesterday. I quickly found that while outlets are plenty, with jam-packed rooms, there are undoubtedly attendees unable to charge their Macbooks. Never fear, with a power strip, you are their personal hero, and you’ve earned yourself new friends in the process.

Where you can get it: The local CVS has a model available for $6.99.

External Battery/Instant Charger

Don’t want to buy a power strip? External batteries for your phone are a good alternative to keeping your juice up while taking a selfie with Amy Schumer. Bonus: most external batteries come with a little bit of charge, so you can plug it in and immediately start charging!

Where you can get it: Check out this power bank at CVS for $14.99.

Protein Bars

Wake up late to breakfast, or miss lunch because you’ve got to get to both ENCORE sessions? Stocking up on some protein bars will help keep your hunger at bay, and your focus on the awesome speakers. I personally recommend the Chocolate Peanut Butter CLIF Builder Bars. Lindsey loves the ThinkThin High Protein Bars.

Where you can get it: 7-Eleven, CVS, or Whole Foods.


Whether you’re recovering from sore feet or a fun night of networking, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of ibuprofen to keep you moving on your day. No need for bothersome headaches keeping you from an awesome breakout session!

Where you can get it: 7-Eleven or CVS, or your new BFF’s bag.

What’s in your #inboundemergencykit? Share your photos or tweets with us!

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