10 Easy Business Blog Posts for December

Adam Stewart December 6, 2016



Blogging can be a slog in December, especially for B2Bs that don’t necessarily have the same holiday specials or campaigns as B2C businesses during the shopping frenzy. That being said, should you take a writing hiatus for the month?

From an audience perspective, we wouldn’t recommend it.

If you’ve been blogging regularly throughout the year, your audience expects the same frequency of posts, even during the holidays.

And let’s face it, although we express how busy we are in December, we often have more downtime to catch up on reading than we think. Your readership does, too.

As a content creator, that doesn’t mean you have to continue writing heavy, tactical posts. Use this month to humanize your business, recap important milestones, and express goals for the upcoming year. Don't forget to have some fun while you're at it!

Here are 10 easy blog post ideas to publish in December:

  1. A holiday message from your team. You may already have copy ready for traditional holiday cards or an email campaign. Flesh out the material for a short blog post. Or get creative. Try producing a short video message for clients and prospects, like we did below.


  2. Feature any charitable efforts that your business participates in during the holidays. Does your team sponsor a family, volunteer for a local cause, or donate to specific programs? Write about the season of giving and what your business does to support the local community.
  3. Compile a "top 10" list of blog posts from the past year. If you’ve been blogging on a consistent basis, you should have a wealth of material to choose from. Identify your top performing posts and give reasons as to why they produced results.
  4. Repurpose content that could be updated. Are there any posts in your potential top 10 list that could benefit from some updated statistics or rewording for clarity? Set them aside for a quick tune-up. These are relatively easy to update and republish.
  5. Highlight client stories. Do you have a client or customer with an interesting story to tell regarding your product or service? Set up a quick interview. These quick posts can be the starting point for larger case studies down the line.
  6. Celebrate your employees’ accomplishments. Every successful business is backed by great employees. Highlight their personal and professional conquests from the year.
  7. Develop a highlight reel of your company culture. Whether you use photos or video, show (don’t tell) what it’s like to work at your business. Not only does this help humanize your business, it may also help recruitment efforts if you’re looking for new talent. Here's a great example from 75F.

  8. Describe how your business has grown throughout the year. Have you developed new products or services, changed offices, or grown your team? Highlight business-wide accomplishments or milestones.
  9. Look ahead to the new year. Jot down a list of your goals, even the crazy ones. These posts are great to review a year later, which can produce even more content.
  10. Highlight industry events or conferences. You and your colleagues may have attended shows throughout the year. Prepare a recap post from these events and develop a list of trade shows that your team will be attending in the new year.

Quick Tips

  • Keep these posts short and snappy
  • Lists are your friends
  • Strive for light material
  • Showcase your business
  • Use more photos and video (if possible)

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