10 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

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March 16, 2017

10 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

So you want to create more video content. That's great! But you may be wondering how to start the process to create video content that ties into your overall marketing strategy.

To do so, you should talk through these questions with your team to set the goal and scope of each video project.

10 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

1. What is the deadline?

As with any project that has a lot of moving parts, you'll want to set a deadline for implementing the video within a campaign, then work backwards from there. Key milestone deadlines should be set for pre-production, shooting, and post-production.

2. Who is the audience?

Videos are even more personable than other forms of content. That being said, it's crucial to keep your buyer personas in mind throughout the brainstorming and production process.

3. What is the goal?

Are you looking to get more eyeballs on your website, drive people to a particular content offer, or reach a wider audience with your brand? Have a clear goal in mind to guide strategic decisions before you start.

4. What is the core message?

With your goal set for a project, start thinking about the core message for your video. Think about what you'd like viewers to take away from the experience and work around different ways to convey that message.

5. What are the metrics you’ll use to determine success?

As inbound marketers, we're crazy about tracking campaigns using data. That shouldn't stop with video content. Beyond view count, set benchmarks you'd like to hit in terms of conversion rates, shares, average view length, and more.

6. What is the budget?

Video production can be a bit spendy, but you don't have to break the bank on every project. Make sure your budget is in alignment with the importance of the goals for the project.

7. Where will this video live?

Beyond sharing on social, will your video live on your website? If so, do you have a hosting platform to brand the video and provide lead generation forms? Video hosting is as important as the creation process. Don't leave this conversation out of the production process.

8. Will there be a script? If so, who is writing it?

More extensive projects may require a script. We always recommend either working from an outline or developing an entire script for video content. If you do end up with a script, using a teleprompter during filming is a wise investment.

9. What are the assets you’ll need to end up with?

During production, you may need graphics, music, or other assets to enhance your video. Sort out a list ahead of time to keep the process rolling.

10. Are there examples of another company doing a similar thing?

Check out the competition or other organizations for inspiration. See what's hot in terms of tone, style, and visual feel of video. Video content is in high demand and is being produced more than ever before. Strive to make your content stand out from the pack!

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