Quarterly Review from Denamico

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June 28, 2018

As Q2 comes to an end, it’s time to take a moment and step back to look at what’s been happening in Denamico’s world over the last three months. If you ask anyone in the office how the last quarter went, you’ll be sure to get answers containing some of the following words: busy, exciting, growth, and fun. Here’s a breakdown of Denamico’s Q2.


Q2 had a lot of events for Denamico. We hosted our third annual DenamiCON with PR 20/20 CEO, Paul Roetzer, keynoting the event talking about AI. After the keynote, some of the Twin Cities’ top AI minds took the stage to answer questions in the panel discussion.

DenamiCON 4 will take place November 15, 2018, at Surly. Be sure to check back for more event info!


While the brews and networking were flowing at DenamiCON, they continued to flow at TC HUG Happy Hour in Q2, as well.

At happy hour, attendees were able to learn about some awesome HubSpot integration tools. Mitch Coopet, CEO of rambl, and Orrin Broberg, President and CEO of Modus Engagement shared how their HubSpot integrations move the needle for sales and marketing.

Maggie Bomze from HubSpot joined us at the Q2 HUG meeting to share effective CRM strategies with the group. Strategies included:

  • Setting up your CRM for success
  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Working efficiently as a team
  • Analyzing your progress

With these tools, our TC HubSpotters were able to start passing their qualified leads to sales to seal the deal!

New Faces

Q2 was full of new faces coming to Denamico. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with new clients, and they’ve made appearances in our North Loop office to meet with our growing team. To keep up with our new clients, we’ve been fortunate to add four new faces to the Denamico team.

Senior Inbound Strategist, Cameron Clark was the first of the newcomers to join the team. In his short time here, he’s already headed up a Denamico website refresh along with creating an overall strategy for some of our clients.

Video Specialist, Dan Yang joined the team and hit the ground running. In his first three days with Denamico, he spent 8 hours shooting. Safe to say he was a great fit from the start.

Digging into HubSpot portals and creating top-notch workflows is what Marketing Automation Specialist, Rachel Butler loves to do. The rest of us can rely on her to dive into any HubSpot pickle we find ourselves in, and she gets us out of it.

Rounding out the newcomers is Digital Content Writer, Erin Burke. Whether it’s writing the latest blog post, creating a case study, or writing premium content offers, she’s up to any task.

Forward Thinking

As Q2 comes to a close and we’ve planned for Q3, the Denamico team is excited for what the second half of 2018 has in store. From DenamiCON 4, continuing to grow with our new and existing clients, our growing team, and keeping up with HubSpot's new releases, we’ve sure got a lot to look forward to as we round out 2018.

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