3 Reasons Company Culture Posts Rock on Social [Video]

Denamico April 6, 2017
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Ask any CEO, office manager, or new hire if they believe company culture is important. I can guarantee that 9 times out of 10, they’ll be quick to respond with a blatant YES. Why? Because company culture is what drives us to get out of bed, get in our car, and drive to work every day.

Without a strong sense of culture at the workplace, employees won’t be happy, and we all know that happy employees equate to better customer service, better products, and of course, a better company to stick with in the long-run. In other words, great company culture leads to “customer-centric” results.

But why should you showcase your company on social media? It’s simple – people like people. Customers and clients not only appreciate getting an inside scoop on what goes on behind the closed curtain, but there’s an increased level of trust because they feel as if they’re building a relationship with your company, rather than just being another sale.

3 Reasons Company Culture Posts Rock



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Video Transcription

I’ve narrowed down the top three reasons why company culture posts rock, and why you should incorporate them into your social media strategy on a regular basis.

1. Increase Engagement

First and foremost, they increase engagement like nobody’s business. Take it from the social media specialist herself – if you consistently publish things such as employee birthday celebrations, happy hour festivities, and holiday greetings (just to name a few), your interactions, followers, and traffic will increase.

How do I know? I tested it with our own social media accounts!

Last month, we incorporated culture posts into our social calendar at least once a week. And guess what? The results were fantastic!

Our interactions increased by 120%, new followers increased by 37%, and website traffic from social media increased by a whopping 173%!

Since we live and breathe inbound marketing here at Denamico, it was extremely rewarding and encouraging to see the impact culture posts can have on our website traffic.

2. Easy to Share

When you give customers some insight into your culture, you’ll soon notice how willing and eager they are to interact with your posts. Just like that old college roommate of yours who uploads 15 pictures of their 2 year old every day, your clients and consumers are just as excited to share the awesome things your company is doing.

Fun, timely, and positive posts are easy for both your customers and employees alike to share with their friends and family.

3. Boosts Company Morale and Assists with Recruitment

Like I mentioned earlier, happy employees equal better results. When you get in the habit of sharing your company’s culture on social media, you’re allowing for transparency, and that will hold your business accountable for how well you treat employees.

In addition, showcasing how awesome your culture is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will enthuse potential employees who are looking to join your company.

There you have it – three reasons why your company needs to start sharing it’s culture on social media for the world to see. Not only will you notice benefits within your company, but outside the doors as well. Get creative, build excitement, and get sharing!

Want to see what our crew is up to these days?
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