5 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video [Video]

Denamico March 30, 2017


Video content is everywhere these days. And your business is brainstorming new video topics on the fly. Rather than chasing every new idea with video, take a step back to analyze if the medium is really the right fit for your project's goals. A quick gut-check will help you save time and money!


Video Transcription

When you start thinking about all the different ways your business can utilize video content, it’s really exciting! The ideas just come pouring out, and you want to start filming right away.

But for videos to be a success, and worth the investment, they need to be backed by a solid strategy.

So before you get carried away and hit record, ask yourself these five questions before creating any video content:

1. Will the video contribute to your overall marketing goals?

The very first thing to consider about any video you want to create, is how it would support your overarching marketing strategy. Sure, it might be fun, and it might even get a great response. But what goals would it help accomplish? How would it move the needle for your business in the direction your marketing strategy is pointing to?

2. Is video the right content medium?

If the content lines up with your big picture strategy, ask yourself if video is the best medium to deliver it. Would it be the most engaging way to share your message? Does your audience prefer videos over other mediums when it comes to the kind of story you’re telling? There are other ways to send a message visually, so consider all your options to make sure that video is right for the job

3. How will the video be promoted?

Once you have the video, where would you put it? On your website? Which page?

Video content isn’t “one size fits all.” It’s a different game creating content for Facebook than it is for your blog. So think about the primary channel you’d use, and tailor every aspect of the video towards that platform

4. Is the investment justified?

This one might seem like common sense, but when you get emotionally attached to an idea, it can be hard to let it go, even if the logic doesn’t add up. Create a video proposal that outlines the amount of time and resources required, then seek counsel to decide if it makes sense when compared with the return or end result you’re expecting

5. How will you measure the video’s success?

Even if your video has a solid strategy behind it, you’ll have no way of knowing its value unless you identify the right metrics to gauge its performance.

If the goal is to increase your website traffic from social media by 50% from last month, track the amount of clicks your website link received that you include on your video post. In this instance, the amount of views your video gets won’t make or break its success.

There you have it! So keep brainstorming, stay excited, and ask a lot of questions!