5 Reasons Vlogging is Hard – And 5 Tips to Make it Easier [Video]

Adam Stewart March 20, 2017



Ever get caught in a downward vlogging spiral? That sinking feeling that you're rambling on and on and on... without even saying anything of substance. Or maybe you just freeze up and forget your lines completely. Vlogging is hard. But with a little practice, and some sage advice put into place, you can create great vlogs for your business.


Video Transcription

Yup, vlogging is hard. But the reality is, any business that hopes to capitalize on video marketing should consider vlogging as a means to humanize their brand and engage a wider audience.

So here are 5 reasons why vlogging is hard – with some of our very own outtakes sprinkled in for a laugh. And be sure to keep watching to the end for tips on vlogging success!

  1. It’s uncomfortable

Vlogging can feel like public speaking, which everybody loves to do, right? But even if you’re comfortable speaking in front of crowds, something changes when the red “action” light blinks on.

  1. It requires a laser focus

It’s hard to stay focused when something goes wrong. As a defense mechanism, the easy thing to do is to fall back on humor. While it lightens the mood and keeps the process fun, a serious lack of focus can derail the message and performance, which wastes valuable shooting time.

  1. Delivery is everything

For your actions and expressions to come through in video, your delivery needs to be amped up more than expected. It feels unusual at first, but when in doubt, harness those middle-school theater skills.

  1. Your weaknesses show

Some people relish the limelight, but for the rest of us, hearing our own voices and seeing ourselves on video is difficult to watch at times. And we are often our own worst critics. Seriously, why do I point at the camera so much?

  1. The downward vlogging spiral is real

Trust us, we’ve had our moments of stumbles, forgotten lines, awkward dancing, cases of the giggles, blown takes, and crazy blank stares of terror. Once you feel the downward vlogging spiral, it’s hard to recover.

To keep that camera – and you – rolling, here are 5 tips for vlogging success:

  1. Always finish your thought

While we’re in the studio and rolling through takes, we try to finish every thought, even if we know that section of video will end up on the cutting room floor. Why? It’s good practice, and you’ll find it more natural to keep going over subtle stumbles that may have derailed you in the past.

  1. Don’t fly solo

Setting up, shooting, and performing solo can be challenging. If you can, work with a partner in crime to distribute the load and to make the performance more conversational.

  1. Be OK with failure

Get over yourself! And, give yourself a break. You’re gonna make mistakes from time to time and have some off days. But remember, people don't view you as harsh as you view yourself.

  1. Use an outline or teleprompter

Even if you want to create an off-the-cuff vlog, step back and create an outline first. That way, you’ll have a starting point to work from. And if you have the time and resources, develop a script and use a teleprompter!

  1. Stick with it

Video content and vlogging are important marketing, sales, and customer service tools for any modern business. Start vlogging and stick with it. We promise, you’ll improve over time and be able to share your own tips and successes with other members of you team.

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