Benefits of List Segmentation

2 min read
February 15, 2018

Each of the contacts in your CRM has unique needs, wants, and preferences. Depending on the products or services they’re interested in, their place in the buyer’s journey, or their communication preferences, maximizing and optimizing your communication with your contacts is key to the success of your business.

By leveraging list segmentation within your email platform and CRM, you’ll be able to target the audience of your choice while directing contacts to the most valuable content for them. Segmenting lists gives you the ability to deliver different campaigns to different contacts, producing better email results for your business.

Higher open and click-through rates

By delivering content that your audience wants to see, you’re improving the chances for a contact to open your email and click through to the offer delivered. In the era where email inboxes are flooded with content day in and day out, it’s your job to make sure you’re putting the right content in front of the right contacts.

When you know you’re delivering the right content, making it stand out in your target audience’s inbox becomes an easier task. By delivering appealing content, your contact base is more likely to open the email instead of deleting it.

Keep campaigns relevant

Leveraging email segmentation means you have the ability to narrow the focus of your emails and campaigns. Instead of casting a wide net with vague messaging, you’re now able to drill down to a granular level, addressing problems and concerns while answering questions your leads may have at each stage of the buyer's journey.

Not only does this establish brand awareness and trust, it makes your business stand out when it comes time to make a decision. Since your emails are sticking in your leads' inboxes and they’re getting clicked through, you’re going to be the brand that is providing the right answers to the right people.

Improve your reputation

By sending the right emails, you're likely to have an engaged audience. By having an engaged audience who continues to open and click on your content, your email reputation will continue to improve. When your emails are appealing and continue to hit the inboxes of your leads and customers, they’ll continue to open them since they’re always providing the right content and delivering value.

Gone are the days of sending you run-of-the-mill marketing emails to your whole contact base hoping for some opens and some clicks. Email segmentation gives you the the ability to share the best information you can with certain contacts in your CRM.

This not only increases email metrics across the board, but it ensures you’re delivering the right messaging to your contacts at the right time, aiding in the sales process.