Employee Spotlight: Daryll Mackereth, Solutions Architect

1 min read
March 4, 2022

Denamico welcomes Solutions Architect, Daryll Mackereth, to the team! Daryll has worked in various roles tying marketing and sales processes by leveraging technology and CRM platforms and is excited to serve our clients. 


How would you describe your role?

Daryll-Mackereth-Headshot-croppedI help the clients accomplish their most important goals by learning what they are after, then helping Denamico consult, build solutions using HubSpot, and help clients successfully adopt the new solutions we develop in collaboration.


Before working at Denamico, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Being a HubSpot admin ranks up there. I liked helping develop solutions and the continual learning of the application.


How do you balance your career at Denamico and your family?

By intentionally spending regular time with family. One of my favorite activities is trying to keep up with my wife on her electric bike since mine is not an electric bike.


If your house was burning down, what is the one nonliving thing you would save?

Family picture albums. I cherish the memories. Other things can be replaced.


What music is on your phone right now?

Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Dean Martin, Etta James, Johnny Cash.


What one food do you wish had zero calories?

Bacon or BBQ topped Mac-n-Cheese, all the goodness without side effects.


You’re happiest when?

When I am singing Big Band and Gospel songs - around the house, in my car, and occasionally in public.


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