That's A Wrap: DenamiCON 2020 Recap

Denamico October 30, 2020
DenamiCON 2020


 Thank you to all who joined us for our first virtual DenamiCON event!

Our goal was to share insider digital marketing, sales technology, and client delight strategies for you to take back to your own business. As we've observed and experienced during this unpredictable year, it's more important that ever to have scalable digital systems in place that promote cross-team collaboration and help your business sell the way people want to buy.

Are you ready to use marketing and sales technology to crush your growth goals? In case you missed our virtual summit, here's a summary of what our technology experts covered:


Steps to guide your company's journey toward Digital Transformation

“Digital” is what we call a fat word, because it may mean something different to every person and their respective industry. In the context of this DenamiCON session, digital refers to “involving or relating to the use of computer technology." 

Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. This DenamiCON session asked our attendees to think about the digital health of their own business, with questions such as:

  • Where are you on the spectrum of analog to digital in relation to how your business operates and how your business delivers a customer experience?
  • Where do you have tech systems working for you and the business?
  • How much do the systems contribute to everyday life at your company?
  • How much do your systems contribute to your bottom line?
  • Are there areas of your business that could benefit from a system that would eliminate or alleviate a certain amount of manual work?
  • What could Digital Transformation look like for your company?

Key Takeaway: The way people buy has changed. So the way we sell must also change. How digitized is your company's sales process?

Delighting Your Customers and Employees Alike: 3 Strategies To Create Long-Lasting "Wow" Experiences

Have you ever purchased a product or service and received a little something extra? This could be as simple as a handwritten note, a discount for another purchase, a bundled package, or maybe an extra product thrown in. 

Successful companies have figured out that going the extra mile and over delivering to customers in some way can lead to long-term benefits that have big results for their business. In this DenamiCON session, we covered:

  • The Inbound Methodology: of attracting, engaging, and delighting your customers, vs. operating your sales and marketing processes via the outdated Sales Funnel. 
  • Strategies on how to leverage blogging, SEO optimization, social media, and running paid ads to attract prospects.
  • The handoff process between marketing and sales by way of engaging with new leads to motivate them to become customers.
  • How to go above and beyond for your customers, creating long lasting "wow" experiences.

Key takeaway: In today's competitive markets, delighting your customers rather than providing standard satisfactory service is critical to your long-term success. ALL of your customers have the potential to become promoters of your product or service.

4 Time-Saving Automation Tactics That Will Make Your Sales, Marketing, and Client Success Processes More Efficient

In this presentation, we cover the history of sales and marketing tactics, from print media ads, to cold calls, to TV commercials, to websites.

Now that we are fully immersed into our digital economy, especially with the conditions brought on by COVID, it's imperative that businesses are able to connect with their buyers, stay relevant, continue to grow, and continue to adapt to the changes of our uncertain economy.

At Denamico, we believe that automation plays a huge role in meeting customers where they're at within their Buyer's Journey with relevant, timely, personalized, and consistent communication by way of automation. 

Why automate portions of your sales and marketing processes?

  • On average, sales reps spend only 33% of their time actually selling.
  • 33% or one third of their time is all that’s actually allocated to selling.
  • Another 17% of their time is spent on manual data entry.

However, businesses that have a scalable all-on-one CRM with automation capabilities experience the following:

  • Businesses that implement marketing automation see a 45% increase in pipeline growth.
  • Businesses whose sales and marketing teams are operating out of one CRM retain 36% more customers than businesses who don’t.
  • Teams that are using a CRM spend, on average, 50% of their day actually selling.

Key takeaways: Implementing automation tactics with your CRM will free up time for your team to focus on higher value activities.

Bringing it all together: 3 Transformative Tactics That Help Your Business Gain Sales and Marketing Momentum

  • Effective strategies that create momentum begin with bringing Sales and Marketing together, working as one. 
  • Effective and impactful methods for communicating with people today even though they block out email and phone calls.
  • Eliminate the silos between sales and marketing. 
  • In your sales process, increase force and reduce friction. 
  • Identify when it's the right time to invest in marketing automation.
  • Turn an under-performing website into a revenue generating asset with a fast-to-market process. 

Now, we invite you to assess your own company's digital health. 

Adapting, and embracing digital is the only way to not only survive, but thrive in the new economy. Take our Business Health Assessment and one of our growth experts will reach out to you personally with your results. We believe that strong digital business systems is pivotal in securing your company's digital effectiveness and success.