How To Delight Your Customers Using Video Content

2 min read
January 26, 2017


The journey of customer delight doesn’t begin at the point of purchase. It starts way before the sale is made, at the very first interaction someone has with your business.

And you’re not done after they purchase either.

You've already provided them with valuable content, but If your priority is customer retention, they need to be continually nurtured by remarkable experiences.

What happens when you delight your customers?

  1. They stick around.
    Customer retention is undoubtedly linked to customer satisfaction.
  2. They want more.
    They'll be warmed up to the idea of receiving additional services from your business.
  3. They tell others.
    People feel compelled to share about exceptional experiences.

Delighting With Video

When it comes to elevating the customer experience, videos are especially versatile. They can make a process more streamlined, make communication more personal, and turn buyers into promoters of your business by engaging and educating them like no other content can.

Here's three kinds of video you can utilize to keep your customers satisfied and to grow current accounts.

1. Explainer Videos

Beyond saving your support and sales team time, explainer videos can streamline any kind of process your customers go through. And when customers feel like you’re making things easy for them, they’re more apt to stick around.

Ex. Demonstrations, tutorials, FAQ's, etc.

This tutorial from Sylvane Inc. shows customers how to install their new AC unit.

What they got right:

- They kept it brief

- They featured a personable employee

- They used clean, helpful visual reinforcements


2. Video Newsletters

The written word takes more effort to make a connection. That's why marketers started using photos with testimonials. The pictures helped people connect. Video pumps that connection up another notch, pairing a name with a face, with a voice, with a setting, with a plot, with a triumph. People connect with video content.

Ex. Thank-you’s, service/product updates, company news, etc.

The Dean of Western University sends out video newsletters that people actually watch.

What they got right:

- They focused on a timely, interesting subject matter

- They used simple visuals when relevant

- They kept it genuine and conversational


3. Webinars

By providing people with video content that is helpful and relevant, even after they buy from you, you can become their trusted source for ongoing education. Customers turn into promoters when they feel like you’re advocating for their success.

Ex. Best practices, industry tips, 101’s, Q&A's, etc.

The folks at Wistia created this half-hour webinar to teach their customers how to get most out of their hosting platform.

What they got right:

- They taught on a very specific topic

- They stuck to their area of expertise

- They did their homework and brought real value to the viewer

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