How to Nurture Leads With Video and Marketing Automation [SlideShare]

Adam Stewart March 28, 2017


Marketing automation has been around for years, and video has been around even longer. But using these two tools together is uncharted territory for many businesses.

However, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. (Forrester Research)

Email plays a major role in marketing automation, and video performs really well in email.

In past tests to see how video impacted email click-through rates, Wistia found that using a video thumbnail instead of a plain image resulted in a 300% lift in click-through rates.

Before you can send the right video to the right lead at the right time, you need to understand where your leads are in the buying process and what questions or obstacles they're thinking about.

Check out this SlideShare to discover how video and marketing automation can work together to help generate and nurture leads for your business.

Highlights: How to Nurture Leads Using Video and Marketing Automation

By combining video with your marketing automation tools, you can foster deeper connections with your leads by not only addressing their pain points, but also by anticipating them based on the buyer's journey.

For leads in the awareness stage, use marketing automation to send related educational videos. It's too soon to send these leads product videos, and relevant informational content will help your leads learn more and keep them connected to your company.

For leads in the consideration stage, send some company-related content. These leads are interested in solving a problem and are looking at a variety of potential solutions. It's still too soon to send them in-depth video testimonials and case studies. However, a high-level video overview or product explainer might hit the spot.

For leads in the decision stage, use video in your marketing automation to push them towards purchase. These leads are likely evaluating a short list of vendors. They're ready to buy something (from someone). Hit them with your sales enablement content to increase the chances they choose your product. Some videos that might work well at this stage include:

  • Video testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Product deep dives
  • Free samples or special deals

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