HubSpot Announces Payment Details in Deals

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November 2, 2022
If you aren't using HubSpot's payment features, this new feature update may cause you to change your mind. If you are - your day just got better! 
In an ongoing effort to transition HubSpot's CRM platform into a CRM + Commerce platform, the development team is continuing their investment in their payments and commerce features. 

HubSpot Payment Details Now Visible On Deal, Contact, and Company Records

All U.S.-based customers using a Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of any Hub within HubSpot will now see payment events on a deal, contact and company's activity timeline in the CRM.
Previously, if you wanted to see if a customer made a payment, you would have to click over to the Payments index to see details. You couldn't see it in the activity timeline with the right context for other activities by that customer. 
For sales teams, this made it difficult to keep track of payments, especially if you don't have access to the payments page. 
Now you can!  

How Payments Appear In Activity Timelines

When a customer makes a payment, several records are automatically updated in HubSpot.
  • Payments are added to the timeline of the deal
  • Payments appear in the activity timeline for contacts and the company the contact belongs to (if any). 
  • Three types of activities for payments are recorded: 
    • Payment is processed (for credit card) or submitted (for ACH)
    • Payment is fully or partially refunded
    • Payment or refund fails

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