HubSpot Migration Saves 6,500+ Hours Annually

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June 30, 2022




Sentry Equipment is a manufacturing and sampling company determined to tackle any application, anywhere. Over the last 97 years, they’ve brought world-class applications and industry-leading experience to customers in over 50 countries. However, Sentry’s disjointed systems and processes were causing misalignment and inefficiencies in their operations. Because of this, they didn’t feel they were able to align their teams, scale new business development, or expand global supply chains. 


Sentry partnered with Denamico to deliver an enterprise-wide, digital transformation that would resolve these challenges & unlock their team's full potential. Here’s how we made it happen: 

  1. Fully customized implementation plan with process design and automation for new customer development and existing customer management.
  2. Migration from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM, and redundant, legacy systems to a fully-integrated, all-in-one solution that provides end-to-end visibility across the entire customer lifecycle.
  3. Change management with a focus on user adoption, user experience, documentation, & training.




Custom Migration Plan & Process Design

Sentry sought a solutions partner with experience in leading complex migrations and aligning teams around holistic solutions. Their goal was to replace disjointed, system-focused processes with streamlined, customer account-based processes. 

Denamico led discovery meetings with key stakeholders across four areas of the business to evaluate the current state and pain points of pre-existing systems, processes, data collection and reporting.

This approach brought Sentry’s teams into the process, fostering cross-functional alignment and support for the new system. Together, we created a custom migration plan that would address Sentry’s primary business needs, eliminate redundant systems, and streamline or automate processes.

Mike Cleary, Chief Information Officer at Sentry, describes this approach in the videos below.





HubSpot Implementation & Process Automation

Our initial discovery resulted in an implementation project plan to build out a fully-integrated solution that would provide end-to-end visibility across the entire customer lifecycle to any employee. To accomplish this goal, we turned to the HubSpot CRM to act as our foundation. HubSpot’s Marketing, Sales, Service, & Operations tools replaced legacy systems, while a custom integration with Epicor ERP and HubSpot workflows were built out to sync critical data across records and systems and automate processes, delivering significant increases in operational efficiency.





Change Management with Documentation & Training

Prior to the engagement, Sentry’s teams were not using Salesforce and other systems in a consistent manner, resulting in incomplete, decentralized data records and disparate, manual processes.

Denamico worked with Sentry to create a team of 20+ key stakeholders that would act as our change agents throughout the entire project - from discovery and process design to user testing and deployment - so they could become tightly aligned RevOps Champions, lead change management within their department, and help build momentum from the start of the project. 

Leveraging the guidance of Denamico HubSpot Certified Trainers, extensive process documentation, and user guides, the new RevOps Champions led training to 60 super-users, and hosted more than 18 hours of post-implementation training sessions and FAQ meetings to address technical questions.



Sentry’s migration to HubSpot delivered a significant impact and results, including: 

Sentry Impact Award Stats

  • 20% reduction in systems from system consolidation
  • 60% fewer company/contact records resulting from data hygiene and de-duplication
  • 6,500 employee hours saved on manual tasks, annually, from streamlined & automated processes
  • 30% increase in marketing-attributed sales
  • 93% user adoption 

Sentry feels the most significant impact this project delivered is the ability to see every aspect of their customer data in one easy-to-use system, which allows them to respond to customers faster and with more credibility, which will undoubtedly drive further growth for the organization. 




After two failed previous system migration attempts prior to our engagement, Sentry finally has a 360° view of their customers and scalable business processes that are enabling their 600+ employees to be an active part of driving increased business development and expanding the global supply chain at a time when we need it most.