Make Your Landing Page Conversion Rates Something to Cheer About with Video [Case Study]

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September 30, 2016



We’ve all heard about the power of video, but we know many companies sometime struggle to understand how and why to use it. One practical application for video is on landing pages.

A landing page video provides an easy way for your visitor to consume information and hopefully convert into a lead. Did you know that landing pages with video can increase conversion by 80% ? It keeps your visitor on your site longer, and if the video includes company staff, it increases the level of trust.

One of our clients, The Line Up, creates a highly visual product: custom performance apparel. They are a very fashion-minded, design conscious company. Since many of their customers are also very visual, we proposed using video on their landing pages to increase conversion rates.


The Line Up’s founder and owner, Deb Erickson, started the business 26 years ago with a sewing machine in the corner of her living room. There she began designing, sewing, and selling fitness apparel during the aerobics craze of the 90’s. What began as a hobby has grown and evolved into a team of 30+ talented individuals, working together to create custom dance apparel. Their customers are NFL and NBA cheerleaders, high school dancelines, figure skating teams, athletes, and artistic performers around the world.



When The Line Up came to us, they had the following business challenges they wanted to solve:

  1. They wanted to reduce the seasonality of sales, cash-flow and production (currently most business occurs in the fall) by increasing sales nationally, and internationally. Most of the midwest dance competitions occur in the fall and winter; however, other states and countries hold competitions throughout the year.
  2. They wanted to be able to more easily scale their business by increasing the proportion of their "Classic" (off-the-rack) dancewear to their "Custom" dancewear (more labor intensive and harder to scale).
  3. They wanted to reduce the overhead costs associated with not having a solid go-to-market strategy.
  4. They wanted to better manage and educate current customers to increase turnaround times between design and delivery of the final product.


Prioritize & Focus

Although we knew the solution for all of these challenges would involve inbound marketing, we wanted to start with the biggest priority: reducing the cyclicality of their business to improve year round cash-flow and more evenly distribute the production workload throughout the year.

For that reason, we decided to focus on the biggest market, which is high school dancelines, with the buyer persona being “Jen”, a High School Dance Coach.

buyer_persona.pngThis is Jen. She’s 35-40 years old, female, and coaching danceline is usually a second or part-time job, for which she generally earns $10,000-15,000. She’s a college graduate, married and has young children. She previously danced on a team herself.

Jen’s responsibilities are to manage the team and assistant coaches, coordinate practices, tryouts, fundraisers, costumes, choreography, captains, performances, invitationals, and school events. She is a busy woman and works a lot of evenings and weekends. She is accountable to the Athletic Director, but also to parents and parent organizations (booster club). She also manages the social media accounts for the team.

Jen’s goals are to grow the program, get her team noticed, win some competitions, and pass on life lessons and the love of dance to her team. Her challenges are juggling a busy schedule, doing something new and creative with her team on a tight budget, and dealing with many stakeholders (her boss, the dancers, parents, etc).


Be Strategic

At Denamico, we always begin working with new inbound clients by doing a strategic Blueprint for the desired buyer persona. This involves:

  • Gathering & researching information
  • Creating a detailed description of the buyer persona
  • Mapping the buyer persona insights with content to create a content strategy roadmap
  • Developing an action plan that explains the required content, marketing automation (HubSpot) framework and workflows, and social media activity to achieve the required goals

For the purpose of this case study, we’re focusing on the Attract stage of inbound.



The Blueprint was created for the High School Dance Coach persona, Jen, with the following goals for the Attract stage:

  • Generate more traffic from search results by optimizing website content for opportunity keywords
  • Expand national attention and site visits through search optimization and expanded social engagement
  • Create more sales from site visits by developing targeted lead nurturing workflows


The Offer

The Attract offer is an Imagination Kit, which The Line Up developed to help Jen create fashionable costumes for her team, on a budget. Not only is the offer good for prospecting, it also serves as a tool for retaining customers. We also wanted this offer to convert well and get traction on a national level, so it had to be something that could also be easily shared on social media.

For the offer’s landing page, we created a video for “Jen” that explained how exactly the Imagination Kit can be used and how it will help her. Effective videos need to be planned well. The script, shots, costumes, locations were all planned out in advance.




The Imagination Kit landing page was published Aug 22nd, so it’s been live for just over a month now. In the first five weeks, the page has converted at a rate of 5.34%. Research shows us that the average conversion rate for a landing page is 2.35%, and in fact, only the top 25% of landing pages reach a conversion rate of 5.31% or higher. So that’s great news and we will continue to test different things to try and increase this rate even more.


One aspect of the landing page which might be adversely affecting the conversion rate is the number of fields on the form. There are 5 required pieces of information (7 total), which is high. Only the visitors who really want this kit are going to be willing to give us that much information. The upside of that, however, is that the leads that we do get are very qualified.

We’ll continue to optimize the landing page and are excited to see how it performs over time.

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