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Recently, inbound marketingevangelist,"pool guy," inspirational speaker, business owner, and all around great guy, Marcus Sheridan, stopped by our office to do a workshop with one of our clients. While he was here, we took the opportunity to ask him some of the questions we hear most often when talking with business owners and marketing managers.

The first question he took on was "is it possible to give away too much of our 'secret sauce' when creating content for our inbound marketing campaigns?"

Often times, our clients are nervous to share information about their unique processes, products, services, research findings, or values. There are numerous reasons clients feel this way and it's a valid concern - they don't want competitors to see what makes them unique or maybe they don't want customers to benefit until they "buy in." Educating and informing prospects with this kind of special information is what inbound marketing is all about - and that can be scary.

In the video below, Marcus talks abouthow the benefits of sharing this information outweigh the risks.

What fears do you have about sharing your "secret sauce?" Has it worked for your business? Where do you draw the line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Image by Ted Eytanvia flickr, licensed under CC by-SA 2.0


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