3 Tips for Developing a Content Road Map [Video]

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March 1, 2017

Whether you are just starting to create premium content offers for your website, or you're not happy with the current lead-gen results, develop a content road map to hit your destination faster.


Video Transcription

Today, we are going to be talking about content road mapping and setting yourself up for lead generation success. Let’s get started with three tips.

1. Use Buyer Personas

Tip number one for developing your content road map is work from a buyer persona. Right? Hopefully this is old news to you and you already have your personas fleshed out. If that’s the case, great.

Pick that one persona you want to target and develop your content offers based off that persona’s pain points – their needs, their wants, their challenges, their opportunities.

If you don’t have a buyer persona, click on this link here and we’ll get a free template out to you.

2. Align Offers With Buyer's Journey

Tip number two for content mapping is to develop offers in each stage of the buyer’s journey: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and decision stage.

In the awareness stage, buyers are researching solutions to a pain point, a challenge, or an opportunity that they have.

In the consideration stage, they’ve kind of pinpointed different solutions and opportunities. Hopefully you’re one of them. But they’re also looking at your competition.

In the decision stage, they’ve identified you as a top solution. They just need a little extra push to pull the trigger on your product or service.

3. Work Backwards

Tip number three for your content road map is to strategize and implement your offers working backwards through the buyer’s journey.

Get your decision stage offer up on your website cranking. And then move on to the consideration stage. Get that one churning out leads. And the final piece of the puzzle is the awareness stage offer.

Why do we work backwards? Well, it’s simple logic. We want to make sure there’s always another step in the buyer’s journey.

So, if somebody comes to your website, downloads your awareness offer, boom. There’s a consideration offer in place that they can be nurtured to. They download that offer. Boom. Decision stage offer is already in place.

Work backwards. Make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are in place.


Content road mapping for success starts with your buyer personas.

Get those nailed down, then create offers for each stage in the buying journey. Make sure those offers resonate with your buyer persona.

And the last tip is to implement those offers on your website backwards.

So, start with decision, move down to awareness. That way you’re nurturing your leads throughout the process.

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