Top 7 HubSpot Product Updates From Inbound 2022 That Data Nerds Will Celebrate

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September 19, 2022

I love that being a nerd in the 21st century is super cool. Getting down and dirty with data is the highlight of my day, but nothing can slow me down more than cluttered data. It keeps me from fueling growth and creating epic customer experiences. I'll let you in on a secret - HubSpot partners aren't immune to data inconsistencies. The struggle is real. 

Fortunately, Stephanie Cuthbertson shared some data management updates that data nerds like me are excited about this fall.  

Did you know: 

  • Businesses lose 30% or more revenue due to bad data (source
  • 33% of leaders don't trust their own data (source)
  • Only 3% of companies’ data meets basic quality standards (source)

The Denamico Ops Team is implementing and testing product updates every week, but this week they are focusing on the newest Data Quality functionality coming out in the Ops Hub this fall.


HubSpot Data Management & Quality - Q3 Product Updates 

Whenever I want to learn more about how we are using new functionality with our clients, I reach out to my go-to data geeks: Henry Dufloth-VanKampen and Daniel Tondra. They are on the front lines of helping our clients improve their data quality so they can connect with their customers at the speed of light without having to worry about bad data.


Data Quality Command Center

Have you ever had so much data that you can't find anything? Well, you can't fix what you can't find, so this new feature is a Game Changer. Customers need a centralized place to monitor data quality and take action. 

Introducing, the Data Quality Command Center. 

For Pro and Enterprise users with the Ops Hub, this command center is where all data quality features will live. It's where you can view at-a-glance insights on the health of all your HubSpot data in one place.

Let's say that again.

You can check on the health of your data all in one place. 

Did I mention this was a game-changer?

Located in the Ops Hub, admins can identify stale properties, integration bottlenecks, and more, so you can get ahead of problems before they snowball.

Customers who lack visibility into formatting issues and CRM property health will also now be able to fix those problems.

Now in public beta and available to all Operations Hub Professional and Enterprise customers.


Import Error Handling

There's nothing worse than spending a bunch of time importing data, only to find that it fails due to errors that could have been prevented.

Well, now you can stop bad data before it starts. HubSpot's completely new import functionality flags and resolves data errors before they can be published to the CRM.


That means less manual work now and less reactive problem-solving down the road, which gives you more time and confidence to level up your impact.

Now live and available to all free and paid Ops Hub subscribers.


Property Validations

One of my biggest data collection pet peeves is when the data collector doesn't - or can't - provide drop-down selections for data so it's consistent across all submissions. 

This creates data that includes inconsistencies like:

Street vs street (when capitalization matters)

St. (with a dot)

St (without a dot)

Enforcing consistency is key to keeping your data clean over time.

Property validations give you more control over the data that reps enter manually without adding annoying processes or procedures that can slow them down.

The result? Fewer inconsistencies in the database, less friction in the flywheel, and a smoother customer experience.

This functionality will be FREE when it is publicly released. It is currently available for the Beta Program, so you can request early access to test property validation.

Now open to public beta and available to all free and paid Ops Hub subscribers.


View Data Model Visually

The Data Model Overview is one of my favorite new functions because I LOVE viewing my data models in both visual and tabular formats, depending on what I'm doing.

Data quality starts with a good data structure, so the data model feature makes it easy to visualize how your data is organized in HubSpot so you can have confidence in your CRM from day one.

Get a complete visual representation of HubSpot standard objects, properties, and associations — all consolidated into a single view.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good database property window, but being able to visually see how data is organized and related to other data just soothes the creative side of my brain. Thumbs up, HubSpot!

Now open to public beta and available to all free and paid Ops Hub subscribers.



Custom Object Builder

Speaking of favorites, I think the Custom Object Builder is Henry's favorite. He likes to go deep into customizing HubSpot, from custom objects to no-code integrations, to custom APIs.

If you have a HubSpot Enterprise license, your admins will be able to customize your data model around your company —not the other way around. With custom objects, your CRM setup can be as unique as your business.

And with the new custom object builder, you've got a simple, intuitive way to build your custom objects.

No code required.

It allows admins to define the name, plural name, and first property of a custom object. It requires them to use separate tools to manage associations, create custom properties, and set up customizations.


Now open to public beta and available to all free and paid Ops Hub subscribers.


Data Quality Automation Recommendations

Ok, I know I've talked about a lot of favorites. But I did mention that I'm a data nerd, so you can't be surprised that I listed all of these features as my favorite. Here's my final feature, and it really is my favorite.

When I'm working with a lot of data, I have a lot of post-its where I make suggestions to myself for automation I should set up. Sometimes I get to them.

Forget the manual burden of fixing data errors.

HubSpot's Artificial intelligence continuously scans your database for issues and recommends automation to fix them.

Basically, HubSpot CRM cleans itself.

With a big 'ole scrubby. 

Before, Pro and Enterprise admins had to manually accept any suggestions one by one, which created a lot of manual work.

Now, with HubSpot's AI, admins can save time, so they can focus on the things that matter. 

Like connecting with customers in a community.


Feature Pricing & Availability:

Import Error Handling, Property Validations, and Data Modeling are all my favorite price: FREE.

The Data Quality Command Center, Data Quality Automations, and Custom Object Builder are features available for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions.

All features except Import Error Handling are currently available via the Beta Program. You can request access to only the features you want to test or all beta features (this is also relatively new).