Top HubSpot Updates in 2022 with Kyle Jepson

2 min read
January 5, 2023

We had the pleasure of hosting the one and only Kyle Jepson, a Senior Inbound Professor at HubSpot Academy. His daily LinkedIn videos are legendary where he drops golden nuggets about the best of the best HubSpot updates. During Kyle's presentation, he shared many of his favorite updates, and here are the highlights of his presentation. You can also watch a full video or listen to it on the RevOps Champions Podcast

Custom Lifecycle Stages

''When I started at HubSpot in 2015, I was a support rep for the CRM. And one of the most common questions we got from people who were checking out this new CRM HubSpot had come out with was, 'How do I customize the lifecycle stages?'

And our official answer was, 'These defaults are great. They're incontrovertible. They work for every business.' But secretly, in the background, we were also saying, 'It's the backbone of the way our system is architected. It's impossible for us to change this.' But a hundred HubSpot teams worked for more than three years, and now it is possible to update your lifecycle stages.''

Inline Editing on Index Pages

''If you have a list of contacts and need to fill in a bunch of information quickly, this will save you so much time compared to the old way of opening up the record or the preview sidebar and editing stuff. It is much better now. That's not just for contacts. It works on your custom objects. It works on the list view of deals and tickets. It's such a huge quality-of-life improvement.''

Journey Analytics

''It is a wild new world of reporting. So if you create a new report and have the appropriate subscription, you'll see customer journey reports as an option. [...]

So what you can do is a sync chart, and it'll show you, 'This many people did step number one. This many people did step number two, and this many did step three.' And if you make steps optional, you'll see a little journey coming off, and this person skipped all these steps and went straight there.''

Custom Objects

''Custom objects have come a long way in 2022. And there were so many conversations internally about how we give people the ability to create custom objects without opening a way for them to destroy the beauty and simplicity of HubSpot.

That was part of the reason for a long time. Custom objects were API only. You could only create them through API calls. [...] But we've discovered in the last couple of years that HubSpot users are great. You're all using HubSpot to help your business grow. 

Sometimes you need custom objects to do that, and it's frustrating when we make that a tough experience to put this arbitrary hurdle of an API call when everything else in HubSpot is so easy. And so, we have made it easy in HubSpot to create, edit, and delete custom objects.''

Data Quality

''A few different things have happened here. These features all live in Operations Hub. There is a data quality command center where you can view things [like] the health of your HubSpot portal in ways you have not been able to before.''
Delay Workflows Until a Particular Date
''Let's say someone registers for an event like this HUG, for example. They fill out the registration form. Now we can delay until a date. [...] If you want to send a reminder email or something like that, you can do that. You don't have to hardcode the date.

However you want to do this, you can delay until a specific date, and it will work, which is awesome. That makes things so much easier for people who run events.''