What to expect at DenamiCON 2019

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September 24, 2019


Using Data, Tech, and Processes to Improve Efficiency and Profitability

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DenamiCON 2019 is just around the corner! Our annual conference seeks to bring together industry leaders and digital marketing professionals to explore emerging technology and strategize for business growth.

This year, DenamiCON will be held on October 23rd at Surly Brewing from 2:30-6:00pm. To get a sneak peek at what the event will be focused on, I sat down with Denamico’s Chief Strategist and DenamiCON content leader, Adam Stewart.

Why are data, processes, and tech so important to businesses today?

No aspect of your business is an island. Even though your Sales, Marketing, and Support teams may think that they function independently, they are each integrated into every part of your business, and they benefit from your whole business working in sync as one cohesive system. So when we look at data, processes, and tech, we are searching for the places that they overlap, the gaps between them, and how they can be optimized.

There are so many opportunities available for organizational growth when these three elements work together. We’re excited to have the opportunity to open up that digital space so that you can visualize how you can harness data, processes, and technology to grow your business.

How important is data to a business’s success?

Well, it’s important to remember that data goes far beyond the information you might find in a Rolodex. Collecting a lead’s contact information is important, but there are hundreds of other data points that you can collect information on.

Behavioral data captures how people are interacting with your digital content, whether that be in your emails, on your website, or on social media. This can help you to map a customer’s path to purchase and look for trends across your customer base. Then, you can use that data to understand your customers better and make informed decisions going forward.

But just because you can collect data doesn’t mean that everything is going to be useful. When you sort through your data, you’ll need to identify which metrics are actionable insights versus data for data’s sake. Take a look at your business as a whole and get perspectives from multiple departments on what data they would find useful.

There are lots of data collection tools out there. You don’t need to be using HubSpot to collect this data, but we certainly find it to be a beneficial tool that can bring in data from multiple sources and display and analyze it all in one dashboard.

Why should businesses consider automating their existing processes?

First, you should map out your existing processes based around your buyer’s journey and your goals. Once you’ve honed in on your processes and identified any manual bottlenecks, you can consider those processes as prime candidates for automation.

It can seem kind of scary to introduce tech into your processes. After all, how many times do we hear the “robots are coming to take our jobs” complaint. However, the goal isn’t to replace anybody but to make your work easier, more streamlined, and less accident-prone.

Many people don’t even think about what could be automated in their day-to-day because they don’t know that the technology exists or they haven’t considered automation due to a “this is the way it’s always been done” mentality. But as your business grows, you’ll need to increase your capacity, and technology is a great way to improve your efficiency without adding a lot of cost.

What tech does my company need?

The answer to this question is as unique as your one-of-a-kind business.

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What tech does your company already use?
  • How could your systems be integrated so they communicate with each other?
  • Do they overlap?
  • Is there an all-in-one (or all-on-one) solution that would better meet your needs?

Here at Denamico, we have our ear to the ground when it comes to tech. We want to share what’s out there with DenamiCON attendees to help you to decide what will best fit your business needs. And if you identify that any of your existing systems are redundant, we can help you save time and money by suggesting alternatives that can provide you with a better value for the data you want to collect and the processes you want to digitize.

Many businesses don’t understand that all of their teams need access to information to make better, more informed decisions. We see countless opportunities for businesses to grow when they acknowledge these facts.

DenamiCON provides an opportunity to take stock of your existing tech stack. We’ll help you figure out what tools you should be using to streamline processes and make the right data more available to your teams. The more you can align your data, tech, and processes, the more efficient and profitable your business can be.


What’s the benefit of the workshop format?

DenamiCON will introduce a different perspective into the mix. Sometimes companies are so focused on operations that it can be hard to see what could be improved. So when leaders from a wide range of industries gather in the same room along with Denamico’s tech experts, they’ll get fresh eyes on the issues they are facing. In a workshop format, participants have a greater opportunity to share ideas and uncover solutions not only from the Denamico team, but also from each other.

We’ll also provide you with a workbook to take back to your company and work through as a team. When you get multiple perspectives from different departments, you’ll have a better idea of what data your business should be collecting, what processes could be improved using tech, and what tech tools you can use to accomplish your goals.

Who should attend DenamiCON?

If you want to grow your business, DenamiCON is for you. We’ll teach you how data and technology can help you to streamline your operations, understand your customers better, and make informed decisions faster.

We would love groups to attend together from one company, especially if they are from different departments. The more ears you have in the room, the more perspectives you will be able to incorporate as we dive into the workbook exercises. Afterwards when you return to work, you’ll have more people who can share the concepts we’ll be covering with their respective departments.

Of course, individual participants can greatly benefit from attending as well. We’ve designed the workbook so that you can take it home and use the concepts you learned at DenamiCON to lead your team through the exercises. The key is to be able to use the workbook to apply the concepts to your own company — whether that happens around the table at DenamiCON or back on your home turf.

Ultimately, we want you to come away with a clear idea of what data to collect, what processes you can automate, and what tech to use. In doing so, you’ll improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. 


If your business could benefit from improved efficiency and increased profitability, join us at DenamiCON!