Who Missed Inbound Marketing Week? [SlideShare]

By Lindsey Graff | March 06, 2015


What is Inbound Marketing Week anyway?

With 60 events across the world, Inbound Marketing Week is an annual five-day event "focused on enabling professionals to share knowldge and ideas about their marketing strategy."

As evangelistic adopters of the inbound marketing methodology, we were excited to hold the official Minneapolis Inbound Marketing Week Event, a seminar that was attended by members of the Inbound Minneapolis community in addition to local inbound newbies seeking out more information about digital marketing and sales.

If you're reading this and you weren't at the event, we're sorry we missed you! The good news is that you can find our presentation with some of the inbound marketing basics and pro-tips we shared right here...

The topics we cover include:

  • Why the buying process has changed

  • How businesses need to adjust to meet prospects' & customers' changing needs

  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - the basics

  • How to craft a strategy that blends traditional and new tactics to generate the highest number of visitors, leads, and sales

  • What your business needs to create a successful digital strategy

Learn more here:

But that's not all...

As a reader of our blog, we also wanted to provide you with the resource pack we emailed to attendees of Inbound Marketing Week 2015. It contains:

  • A re-useable buyer persona template

  • An inbound marketing campaign checklist

  • A "cheat sheet" for calculating six critical business performance metrics

  • BONUS: A curated reading list with insider tips on creating a powerful inbound culture inside your company

inbound marketing resource pack

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