13 New HubSpot Integrations To Connect Your Favorite CRM & Sales Tools

1 min read
October 14, 2022

As the world's leading provider of sales and customer engagement solutions, HubSpot is constantly scanning more than 100k customers' needs to discover gaps in their process. Then they reach out to partners in their App Accelerator Program to come up with imaginative new integrations that solve those unmet desires that are not on HubSpot's product roadmap.


App Accelerator Program - Sept '22 Collection

This collection of HubSpot integrations supports a variety of gaps in customer demand, including ERP, currency conversion, fundraising, version management, and more.

Check out these "built-for-HubSpot" apps now available in the App Marketplace.


Where To Download New HubSpot Apps

Customers are able to search for and install these apps to solve sharp edges in the customer's buying journey that were submitted directly from existing HubSpot customers and prospects.

In the App Marketplace, there is a description of:

  • how each app works
  • demo videos
  • how to install it
  • pricing and terms
  • other general information


Who Can Access These New HubSpot Integrations

The apps created via HubSpot's App Partner Accelerator Program are available to all HubSpot users at a variety of subscription levels, from free products to their Enterprise offerings. Each link above has more details on subscription requirements and language availability.

If you need help implementing any of these new apps within your HubSpot instance, reach out to our team of HubSpot Experts to talk about your specific circumstances.