6 Simple Ways to Use Video for Your Business [Video]

2 min read
January 20, 2017

We decided to step in front of the camera this week to share some video marketing tips. It seemed fitting to deliver our message about video with... a video.

This being our first vlogging venture, we learned a few things in the process of filming. But that could be a post of it’s own. (Hint: It probably will be.)

If nothing else, we hope you find our first crack at becoming boisterous on-screen personalities amusing. Enjoy!


Video Transcription

Hey, I’m Mark from Denamico. And today, Adam and I are going to share 6 ways your business can utilize video content, in any industry.

1. Promote/Describe Your Product or Service

People don’t care about your product or service. They care about the impact your product or service has on them.

Wow, people are selfish.

Well, not exactly. They just want to know the value and relevance of what you’re offering.

Right. That makes sense.

Show your product or service in action. That way, you’re showing the value of your offering for potential buyers.

2. Create Brand Awareness

Your brand needs to amass as many views as possible.


Your brand needs to resonate with people.

There you go.

Whether you pull on their heart strings or simply make them laugh, connect with your audience by losing the sales pitch, and create videos they’ll actually enjoy watching.

3. Explain Who You Are

Every business has a story to tell, and a purpose that drives them forward. Hopefully, it’s something that people can get on board with.

Like free vacations.

More like a social cause. When you’re passionate about something, it’s contagious. So share about it.

4. Showcase Customer Testimonials & Reviews

90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

That means 10% of people have trust issues.

I think that means the vast majority of buyers are looking to other buyers for the green light to purchase a product. Ask your customers to provide video reviews, and then feature them online.

5. Educate Your Customers

Your customers have thousands of questions, and they’re looking for answers online. How about answering some of those questions, using video?

Do stuffed animals help with anxiety?

Studies show they do help, but they’re not recommended to replace proper treatment from health professionals.

You know everything.

By educating people with helpful answers to their questions, you can become the trusted advisor of your industry.

6. Optimize Your Landing Pages

Video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

That’s impressive.

It is impressive, Adam. That’s why I said it. Videos are highly persuasive. Why? They’re personal and engaging. Plus, you can use things like text and motion graphics to visually reinforce the message.

Ermahgerd. eBerk.

So there you have it. For more tips on video marketing, check out our eBook. Thanks for watching.