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How to Measure Brand Awareness: 5 Winning Metrics

Posted on August 11, 2016 by Lindsey Graff | Social Media, Inbound Marketing & Sales

Learn how to measure brand awareness using web traffic metrics, social media engagement data, video and document views, and more.

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Marketing-Sales: Two Worlds, One Mission [Funny Video]

Posted on July 22, 2016 by Lindsey Graff | Inbound Marketing & Sales

A funny video that sheds truth on the differences between marketing & sales.

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Should Marketing Teams Be Accountable for Revenue?

Posted on July 14, 2016 by Lindsey Graff | Inbound Marketing & Sales, Strategy

Learn more about Revenue Marketing and how you can turn your marketing team into a profit center instead of a cost center.

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How to Use Content Marketing to Close More Deals

Short-lived sales collateral has been used for ages, but digital content is more effective. Get your sales team on board, develop content, and close more deals!

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These 3 Tools Are the Keys to Marketing & Sales Collaboration

Posted on July 7, 2016 by Lindsey Graff | Inbound Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales alignment is critical to closing more deals in less time - here are three tools that make it easier.

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