Common Objections to Creating Video - Part 1 [Video]

1 min read
January 27, 2017

Strategic move or flat-out excuse?

Decide for yourself as we debunk some of the most common objections to video marketing that we hear from business owners and marketers alike.

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Video Transcription

So, last week we talked about the value of video.

This week we’re going to be talking about some common objections we hear from business owners and marketers who are thinking about getting started with video marketing.

1. My Industry Doesn't Use Video

Nobody in your industry is doing video? That’s a great thing.

This objection sounds more like an opportunity.

Why don’t you become the first one in your niche to start using video marketing?2. Video Can't Give Me Quantifiable Data

So this one used to be valid, right?

Because you had your view count and your sales, and the metrics weren’t there to measure the ROI.

Now, you can bridge that gap with the CRM and video hosting platforms out there giving you real data.

3. Video Gets Outdated Too Quickly

It’s true. Some videos have a short shelf life, but they were produced that way.

There was a strategy behind it. It was by design, for a specific goal. To say that all video content gets outdated too quickly is simply not true.

The key is to pull back and look at the strategy behind it. You can create evergreen video content that will perform on your website until you take it down.

So there you have it! That’s it for this week.

Thanks for watching. But hey, we got more excuses next week that we’re going to debunk.

But if you can’t wait that long, go ahead and download our eBook. They’re all in there too.