Content Isn't King [Quick Video]

1 min read
April 15, 2015


A few months ago, we gave a seminar on business blogging. Throughout the course of the presentation, we covered why companies should start business blogs, how to get startedhow to create content your audience will love, and how to create more content with fewer resources.

In going over these topics, we addressed some myths about content marketing. My favorite is that "content is king." I'd argue that content isn't king — promotion is. You can develop boatloads of amazing content that perfectly matches your target personas' needs, but without great distribution, they'll never see it and your effort is wasted.

In this video, Donna explains how to go about promoting your content to ensure maximum exposure.

Content marketing promotion tips:

1. Identify your audience's favorite social channels

Do some background research and figure out what social media networks your ideal customers use. Not every network is right for your prospects and customers — be clear about where they actually are online and focus your efforts there.

Set up targeted social accounts and develop a strategy for sharing content across each. Remember, you can promote blog posts and other content even more than once on each channel. Donna explains best practices for sharing in the video.

2. Leverage brand advocates

Grow your reach by identifying advocates within your industry who are willing to share your content through their own channels such as email, social media, and even face-to-face conversations. The more influential they are, the better.

3. Place calls to action throughout your website

Take advantage of the traffic you already have coming to your website - strategically place buttons that ask visitors to click to read your content or to subscribe for updates.

Image by Eugene Regis via flickr, licensed under CC by 2.0