Good Question: Why Should I Start a Business Blog? [Quick Video]

1 min read
March 25, 2015


The following video is the first of six snippets from a presentation we did on Business Blogging. It answers a question we hear often, "why should I start a business blog?"

Watch the video below for Brendon's answer in entirety, but to summarize, blogging is one of the best marketing tools for compounding value over time. It's not always easy to get started and to maintain a consistent presence, but over time, you'll see that your blog is a gift that keeps on giving.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. It will drive site traffic for you through organic search (SEO)

2. It will improve your visibility across social media channels

3. It will help you convert web visitors into leads

4. It will establish you and your colleagues as thought leaders in your space

5. It will drive long term results

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Image by Alan Levine via flickr, licensed under CC by SA 2.0