The Real Reason Your Boss Doesn’t "Get" Content Marketing

Adam Stewart November 29, 2016



Do you feel like the last marketer on the planet trying to convince your boss to invest in content marketing?

It can be a lonely feeling -- waiting for the green light to implement your strategy.

Problem is, you think the boss is the issue.


It’s you.

And, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

The real reason your boss doesn’t get content marketing is… you haven’t explained it to them in terms they understand, care about, or respect!

To win them over, once and for all, drop the marketing gobbledygook and begin talking about money.

Focus on using these persuasive phrases:

More Leads

New Customers

Increased Revenue

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

And don’t mention anything you can’t actually measure.

Quantify a return on investment using real numbers, not methodology. And wherever possible, emphasize figures that start with a dollar sign.

Check out this quick ROI calculator to get started predicting leads, customers, and revenue for your content marketing strategy.

These numbers, then, can be used to calculate your customer acquisition cost (CAC) moving forward.

CAC is a metric used to determine the total average cost your company spends to acquire a new customer. Strategically implemented content marketing reduces CAC over time because content can live (and work) online indefinitely.

How to Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

To calculate CAC, take your total sales and marketing spend for a specific time period and divide by the number of new customers for that time period.

Sales and Marketing Cost ÷ New Customers = CAC

In addition to the bottom line results, you must communicate that content marketing is strategic.

Many people outside of marketing don’t understand that developing buyer personas, generating topics, mapping content to the buying journey, distributing materials, and promoting content are all tied to goals for your business.

Reiterate the idea that content marketing is not a series of disjointed one-off tactics, and the decisions to implement content marketing campaigns are actually driven by data.

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