Websites on HubSpot: 3 Major Advantages for B2B Companies

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February 11, 2022

Are you looking to update or redesign your website this year? Many B2B companies are taking a second look at their content management system (CMS) and hosting platform before considering new designs or go-to-market messaging.

Whether or not your company is currently using HubSpot’s CRM or Marketing Hub for automation and reporting, HubSpot’s CMS is a frontrunner for B2B companies due to built-in functionality and benefits for developers and marketers alike. 

In this post, we’ll cover three major areas your business should consider while evaluating content management systems, including speed, security, and scalability.


1. Speed

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Visitors expect your site to load quickly, or they will start looking elsewhere. According to Google, 53% of visitors will abandon your site if your website doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. Ensure when you choose a CMS or hosting provider, that the bandwidth you are getting is adequate to meet your needs and their infrastructure is set up for your success.


HubSpot CMS & Speed

JavaScript Minification

While spaces, line breaks and comments dramatically ease editing and reading coded files, they take additional time for browsers to parse. HubSpot will automatically remove any unnecessary spaces, line breaks and comments from your design manager JavaScript files to ensure they are parsed through and delivered as quickly as possible. 

CSS Combining

HubSpot also automatically minifies CSS (removes unnecessary spaces and line breaks), and combines all of the CSS files on a page into one CSS file. This results in minimal HTTP requests and the speediest delivery and parsing of CSS on your website.

Browser and Server Caching

Every time a visitor requests a page, their browser makes a complex string of requests. These requests hit various servers which make complex calculations and routes to serve visitors their files.

HubSpot automatically caches pages and files on both the server and browser level to ensure the quickest delivery of all page assets to your website visitors. When your page or any dependency of your page (such as a template or module) changes, we automatically expire the server caches for that page.

Image Compression and Automatic Image Resizing

When you upload images to HubSpot’s file manager, they are automatically optimized. Specifically, JPEGs and PNGs are stripped of their metadata (EXIF and other stuff that make images bigger). 

As the CMS renders a page, HubSpot automatically resizes images, looking for images that have width or height attributes. Browsers are given multiple options for the image resolution to load, so your images will look crisp on standard and high-resolution displays.

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2. Security


Cyber attacks happen every day. As you work to grow your business, you cannot afford for your website to be compromised. But managing servers, and monitoring the health of your website takes time, money, and resources.

CMS Hub handles the security of your website for you so you can focus on your visitors' and customers' experiences.


HubSpot CMS & Security

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Since October 2017, Google Chrome has been flagging pages with forms that are not SSL-enabled as "not secure." Chrome has more than 60% of browser market share, so this warning impacts millions of websites and visitors across the web.

Standard SSL is included for all websites and landing pages hosted with HubSpot. This ensures that your user data remains safe and that Chrome does not display a warning when visitors load your pages.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

HubSpot employs an enterprise-class web application firewall (WAF) that detects potential attacks before they pose a threat to your site. Malicious traffic is detected and blocked before it can get into your website. 

Activity Logging

Keep track of all changes made to your HubSpot hosted site. Understand what changes are made to your content, who made the changes, and exactly what impact that change had through an easy-to-digest report.

Continuous Updates & Anomaly Detection

Pinpointing malicious attacks is only half the battle. HubSpot monitors the network for anything out of place, allowing them to quickly identify and mitigate new attack types. They also go through continuous updates to ensure the systems remain safe, ensuring that you never need to worry about updating your CMS.

Dedicated Security Team

HubSpot has an entire team of individuals dedicated to ensuring the security of your content. Through both automated and manual checks, they monitor the CMS 24/7 for attacks, potential abuse or other anomalies, so you can focus on the customer experience.

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3. Scalability

teamWhen choosing a CMS, you want to make sure that it has the features you’ll need to accommodate your business as it grows. CMS Hub has everything you need to control who on your growing team can edit content, enabling you to grow your business by monitoring your site for quality.


HubSpot CMS & Scalability

User Roles & Partitioning

Take control over the permissions each user has within CMS Hub. Allow specific users to only view or edit content, while others can publish changes live to your site. Control which users or teams have access to specific pieces of content using content partitioning, or which users have access to the apps you’ve integrated, or the ability to connect new apps with your HubSpot hosted site.

System Pages

Never worry about deploying those necessary pages for your site ever again. HubSpot automatically provides you with branded subscription pages, password prompt pages, search results pages, and error pages that you can easily edit as you see fit.

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Don’t Overlook the Importance of Your CMS

Thinking about and designing a new website is exciting, and now is the time to transform your static, brochure site into a lead-generating machine.

However, many B2B companies overlook the importance of choosing the right content management system for their needs.

If you are growing fast, or want to accelerate your revenue operations, consider going with a CMS that provides the speed to improve your rankings and increase traffic, the security and reliability to protect your online presence, and the scalability to grow with your team.

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