How to Reach New Markets with an Outsourced Marketing Partner

By Deanna DiCristo | January 06, 2015



It's the new year and the first full week back at the office. You're thinking ahead to how you plan to grow your business this year. You've already identified a few new market segments where you see opportunity, and you just need to execute on it. Starting now.

The biggest challenge in entering uncharted territory is the time and research it takes to get up to speed on that whole new market segment. You and your team have the resources to handle the day-to-day once the plan is defined, but there just aren't lot of idle hands to dedicate to learning those new niches and identifying ways to reach them.

An outsourced marketing partner is a great way to get you there. They've been there, done that, and can help point the flashlight in the right direction. This means you and your team can quickly implement content and inbound marketing strategies to reach and attract those new growth segments.

When you're working with a marketing agency to tap into new markets, here are 5 key deliverables you'll want from them:

1. Targeted Personas

You'll want an outsourced marketing partner to produce high-quality, in depth buyer personas for your new growth segments. Buyer personas are among the most effective tools to help a business define its target audience. Personas are a representation of your ideal customer – in this case, your ideal growth segment. They illuminate how your product or service is fulfilling the persona’s need.

Your outsourced marketing team can dig deep into the audience demographics, identify leaders in the category, and uncover and identify the problems or challenges your prospective customers face.

Your outsourced marketing resource can conduct primary research of prospective buyers via interviews, surveys, and social media to define and produce targeted buyer personas for the new market(s) you plan to go after.

They can also use social listening to develop those personas. What are they talking about on social sites like Twitter? What professional groups do they belong to on LinkedIn? Who are the leaders in that industry, and what types of content is published on their websites? Listening to what prospective audiences are doing and saying will help produce insightful buyer personas.

2. Niche-Specific Value Proposition and Messaging

Once buyer personas are identified and their challenges defined, you'll need to know exactly how your business or service addresses the needs and challenges of your new target audience. Using primary and secondary research, your outsourced marketing partner will build a well-developed value proposition and key messages for each persona in your new market niche(s). These highly targeted value propositions and key messages will be the basis for all your content marketing moving forward.

3. Unique Content

Through their research, your marketing provider will also be able to identify what types of content prospective audiences consume. Based on this, they can provide direction on content areas that will resonate with those new audiences, and provide a list of resources for you to cite and build useful information related to the challenges these new prospects face.

With content at the core of all inbound and content marketing, having your marketing partner provide direction on types of compelling and contextual content required to reach your new market segments is one of the most important things they can provide you.

And even if you manage all your content development in-house, you may want to use your outsourced marketing partner to develop market-specific CTAs (calls to action) for your team to use when implementing inbound marketing plans. This will put you one step closer to acting without delay in growing your business.

4. Audience Segmentation & Personalization

Together with your outsourced marketing agency, you've defined personas for your emerging niche(s), developed targeted value propositions, and have identified the right types and mix of unique content to attract and convert prospective customers. The next step is to carve out the internal infrastructure to support audience segmentation and personalization.

Audience segmentation is taking those buyer personas and tailoring messages so the right content reaches the right groups at the right time. The age old marketing technique of trying to reach one broad demographic with a single message is over. Modern marketers understand the value of refined audiences and targeted personas.

Your outsourced marketing partner can help you develop the right infrastructure to consistently and efficiently serve up tailored, personalized content to your personas. This may include using behavioral data to drive highly personalized lead-nurturing drip campaigns, using smart CTAs across your website to serve up interest-related content, and more.

5. Inbound Marketing Plan by Market Segment

A final deliverable from your outsourced marketing resource would be a culmination of the previous items, in the form of an integrated content and inbound marketing plan, per new niche market, for you to implement. This may include strategies to:

Attract qualified site visitors using...

  • Content promotion and audience engagement on industry-specific professional groups on LinkedIn
  • Influencer marketing via partnerships with key influencers, bloggers, editors, etc.
  • Long-tail keyword research to inform blogging and Google Adwords campaigns

Convert site visitors to leads using...

  • Valuable content offers that educate prospective customers
  • Smart CTAs to deliver highly relevant and timely content offers to repeat visitors
  • Conversion-optimized landing pages

Close more sales using...

  • Lead nurturing drip campaigns
  • Lead scoring to pass along the most qualified leads to sales

With this combination of in-house marketing and outsourced marketing, you can grow your business without sacrificing current initiatives and customer engagement levels. Let an outside marketing provider lay the groundwork so you and your team can hit the ground running. Soon.


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