Strategic Sales and Marketing Tools & Tactics for Green Builders

Brendon Dennewill December 8, 2015



Generating more leads and sales for your green building business is a bit like remodeling a kitchen. Well, not really. But, both require an overall strategy, tactics to achieve strategic goals, and the proper set of tools.

“A fool with a tool” will pick up a sledgehammer and swing away at his existing countertop. Savvy homeowners, on the other hand, gravitate to the web for research on best green remodeling practices, tips and advice for specific projects, and what materials to use, among other industry-specific queries.

The same is true for growing your business through the inbound marketing and sales process. You could simply purchase HubSpot's content optimization system (COS) and start “swinging away,” but you may not have the expertise to position your green remodeling business at the top of the search query.

We work with clients in the green building industry using the inbound marketing methodology. The four essential stages to the inbound marketing and sales process include attract, convert, close, and delight.

For each stage, we’ve summarized the strategy and common tactics utilizing the HubSpot COS and marketing automation tools.

Stage One: Attract

Strategy: This stage is about drawing people to your website. You do this by thinking about what keywords your target market is putting into search engines and then optimizing your website content to match.

Tactics: Content such as blogging and social media activity help you get both seen and found by potential customers.

Learn more about blogging in our post "Four Winning Practices for Business Blogging."

Stage Two: Convert

Strategy: Once you have a visitor at your website, you want to turn that person into a lead by gathering contact information -- especially his or her email address.

Tactics: To get this information, you need to offer something of value in return. These offers come in the form of white papers, tip sheets, product demos, and other downloads. Through contact forms and landing pages, you request a person’s contact information in exchange for the offer, and a lead is created.

In this post, we dive more into the types of offers you can use to generate leads.

Stage Three: Close

Strategy: Now that you have your lead, you want to nurture that lead into a customer.

Tactics: Use emails and workflows to help you send the right messages to your prospect at the right time, eventually leading to a decision to purchase.

Stage Four: Delight

Strategy: After the sale is over, you continue to engage your customer with useful and timely information. Your goal is make your customer so happy and delighted with your business and products that she turns around and promotes you.

Tactics: Conducting surveys and monitoring social media channels that your customers frequent are ways to curate new content and offers to foster long-term relationships.

Here is an article about the delight stage.


As I alluded to earlier, “a fool with a tool is still a fool.” Regardless of the tools you use to promote more traffic to your website, without a proper strategy, including tactics to achieve your goals of converting leads and increasing sales, you may be left wondering, what now?

Knowing when to implement the right tools at the right time to reach your sales and marketing goals lies at the heart of inbound methodology.

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