Sales & Marketing Alignment Strategies To Level Up Your Revenue

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July 26, 2022

What if you thought of your sales team as the front door to your business and your marketing team as the landscaping department out front. Would your marketing landscape match how your sales team greets your customers at the front door? 

We talked with Scott Sannes of SEH, a midwestern engineering firm with over 800 employees and a client of Denamico, about aligning sales and marketing teams so that no matter who gets to a customer-first everyone is speaking the same language.

Scott's team at SEH had hit a ceiling on growth and experienced a number of challenges they felt were caused by siloed systems & teams:

  • An underperforming sales organization & inability to hit growth goals
  • Disparate & incomplete data provided limited visibility into critical sales & customer insights to inform strategic decisions

Scott shared his experience aligning his own teams within HubSpot which reflects the strategies we teach our clients here at Denamico. 

Sales & Marketing Alignment Strategies For Success

We asked Scott why his team has increased its revenue and what contributed to that growth. Here’s what he said:

One of the key factors to success is alignment. Alignment is everything. When all of your business processes are aligned and working together, your teams will be able to accomplish their goals and ultimately win. 

Marketing is now part of your sales team. 

Business development is now part of your client service team. 

Operations is now part of marketing. 

We're all bringing visibility to that client relationship, and we all play a significant role. 

Ideally, I want to get to the point where we've tied metrics and financial rewards to everybody in a team rather than a single point of contact or individual who's incentivized. So it's around the alignment."




Knowing that alignment is the key to scaling revenue is not the same thing as achieving alignment. You might know that you need to weed your garden every week for it to thrive, but if you don’t know how to properly pull weeds or don’t spend the time it takes to do that task every week, week after week, you have a garden of weeds. 


Sales and marketing teams that come together when making decisions about how your company is going to guide your customer through their buying journey can experience a 36% higher customer retention rate and generate as much as 200% more revenue than siloed teams (source). 


However, many sales and marketing teams don’t know how to align their strategic initiatives into unified actions they can take to make this level of impact on their revenue. 


Here are some typical conversations that have historically lived in just one department and must now be shifted to a collaborative effort between marketing and sales. 


  • Crafting Buyer Personas
  • Defining Customer Questions and Pain Points
  • Describing your Products/Solutions
  • Coordinating content creation and understanding how it’s used in sales
  • Gaining 360° visibility into your customer data through a CRM 
  • Using the same language when talking to your customers

Using these strategies, SEH achieved 55% increase in sales booked, 130% Company-wide quota attainment, and  45,000+Hours saved, annually. 

If you are struggling to get results like this, reach out to our HubSpot Expert to learn how you can level up your revenue, whether you have a complex HubSpot CRM implementation already in place or are just getting started. 


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