What It's Like to Work with Denamico

3 min read
April 6, 2020

We're calling on companies and organizations that are inspired by integrating a more human experience into marketing, sales, and technology to achieve growth.

We are a group of HubSpot experts, empathetic communicators and marketers, web designers, and trigger-happy automation logicians, all working towards exceeding our clients' unique tech and growth goals.

So, what's it like to work with us? First, let's identify your business' top goals and challenges.


From marketing roadblocks to sales failures, disjointed tech stacks, and unmanageable internal processes, Denamico has a proven track record of targeting businesses' pain points, and creating tangible and realistic deliverables to course-correct. 

When it comes to marketing, sales, technology, and project management, you might be surprised that many companies experience similar problems. Whether it's not reaching customers with the proper messaging in the buyer's journey, losing engagement due to stale chatbots and dead-end CTAs, unmanageable (or non-existent) CRMs and project management, or nonsensical tech stacks, each and every member of our team has the expertise to diagnose and remedy your complex business problems. 

Next, your dedicated team of digital marketing experts will dive into your goals.


You'll be assigned a dedicated cross-functional team, or "pod," that consists of an account manager, strategist, digital consultant, and UI/UX designer. Your assigned strategist will work diligently to solve your complex business initiatives and create strategic campaigns unique to your needs. Your digital consultant will be swift with responses, spearheading project management on any given initiative, and guide successful execution of deliverables. Your designer will execute on all things visual whether that be a new website, email campaigns, landing pages, infographics, or any number of other design projects. Lastly, your account manager will serve your team at a high level, attending quarterly and annual planning sessions. More on that later.

Your pod will leverage technology and automation to achieve your growth goals.


Denamico is a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner; we proudly leverage their CRM, marketing automation, customer service, and campaign creation tools to help you streamline your processes, develop strategies to increase revenue, and maintain optimal organization between you, your team, your clients, and your prospects.

We also offer custom HubSpot training; this can take place as a one-on-one session, with a small group, or your whole team. Afterwards, you'll get a detailed recap of the session along with documentation — and videos! This will ensure all team members are working from the same information, and that you can successfully onboard new employees in the future.

Our resources and expertise could be helpful to you and your business if you're looking to train your sales team on the Sales Hub, optimize your marketing automation, ramp up your client services workflows, increase revenue, or all of the above.

We can help you engage and connect with customers.

There are new and exciting ways to stay connected with potential customers, and to leverage technology in sales, marketing, and customer support. With HubSpot, our team will be able to help you connect with prospects, leads, and customers throughout the buyer's journey. The Inbound Methodology generates relevant engagement for customers, so that your sales team knows when and where their time is best spent. It's important for your sales and marketing teams to familiarize themselves to your prospects earlier, so that you can personalize and amplify the value you can bring to prospects.

Consumers are smarter than ever. At Denamico, we engage our clients' prospects by providing value to them through the use of human-centric automation, frequent interactive touch points, and leveraging social media. We believe in the flywheel model of attracting, engaging, and delighting our client's customers.

We'll always provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual support.

When you sign on with us, we'll meet with your team to set goals and chart the course. An annual planning session will help us map out priorities for the year ahead and set the KPIs we'll measure ourselves against. Each quarter, we'll revisit the annual plan and break it down into 90-day goals. By continuing to meet each quarter, we are able to adjust the course and remain flexible amidst any changing needs your business may have.

Each month, you'll receive a monthly report detailing progress, KPIs and metrics from the previous month, and a look at what's on deck for the next 30 days.

Between monthly reports and quarterly planning meetings, you can expect a weekly recap email from your digital consultant each Friday. In it, we'll outline progress over the previous week as well as next steps for the week ahead. You can rest assured that at all times, your pod has their eye on everything from minute, day-to-day details to large-scale project plans.

And if you have questions along the way, your dedicated team is just an email or phone call away.

If your business is running on disjointed systems, your teams are not fully aligned, or you simply need new ways to reach customers, Denamico is equipped to help you solve complex problems with innovation and purpose.

Interested in a free strategy session? Schedule time below to discuss how our team can help your business accelerate your growth.