How Offline and Online Marketing Can Work Together [Infographic]

Adam Stewart April 12, 2016



Inbound marketing has secured a foothold in the corporate world where marketing budgets are vast. Following in step, small businesses are now recognizing that their marketing dollars can stretch further in the digital world as well. But for many industries and businesses of all sizes, there's still a place for outbound tactics such as print advertising, telemarketing, broadcasting, and exhibiting at trade shows.

So where should you allocate your marketing dollars? Where will your business see the best ROI? Should you incorporate both inbound and outbound tactics to achieve the best results?

The folks from Colour Graphics created the following infographic on how offline and online marketing can work together. It details where companies are spending their marketing budgets, which marketing options tend to produce the best ROI, how to drive offline conversions through online marketing, and how specific offline and online marketing channels can work together.




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